Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Corban's Birthday!

This is the invite I made for his party this past Monday. I'll share photos and stories of the party as soon as I get some photos from my mom :) my camera died half way through the party...lame battery death. Let's just say that it was a Nerf party...mwahahahaha.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

today=snow day

me and corban went out and played in the snow. way fun. my sweet neighbor florence watched gabe for us so he wouldn't freeze. we were out there for 2 and a half hours! we were working on recreating a GIANT slide that our neighbors made when we were kids. it's not finished but it's a start- it's a good three feet tall so far. anwho here are a few minor points of interest that transpired while we were out.
  • I yelled at two little boys (somewhere between 7 and 11 yrs old). Only after they yelled F you to a sweet little old lady that drove by them for no reason. then corban kept yelling at them as they walked away "watch your fanguage boys!" (I guess he hasn't heard "language" used in a sentance yet)
  • As they were walking away I heard him mumble F you again motioning back to me so I yelled at him again.
  • I went to get corban's dirty sled out but realized it had no string to pull it by, so I went into the house for some yarn. I told corban to wait on the porch and he didn't listen, instead he fell down the ENTIRE flight of stairs. Don't worry he was dressed so fluffy he doesn't have a single bruise. It just shook him up. I said "I told you you'd fall down the stairs in your boots." he said "oh yeah..."
  • We washed corban's sled off and I pulled him around the yard after getting string.
  • Corban fell over in the snow and got stuck while I was looking all over for him. (turned out that he went in the back yard where we hadn't walked yet)
  • A nice little neighbor boy that I'd never seen before came up and said "I like the stairs in your yard that you built." (we put steps up the front of the slide to climb to the top for corban)
  • I probably used every single muscle that I haven't used in two years because I didn't shovel last winter being preggo with gabe and all...
  • I will be sore tomorrow. But it will be a good sore.
  • I've decided I love stretch pants. I promise to not wear them out in public, don't worry, they're just nice for lounging around.

Thanksgiving Photos :)

We took some family photos while we were out in california- vote on your fav group pic please :)

Number 1

Number 2
Number 3
Our Little Family

Don't let that sweet look fool you-he's a little devil.

Little Gabey and his two teeth :)
The tounge is the best part of this pic ha ha.


Love this Pic!!!

Gwyn and John Larsen

The Webbs left to right: Alysa, Caden, Bronwyn, Brad, Evan

(Heather's fam didn't do single family photos at that time. Otherwise I'd add theirs too ;) )

An atempt at fitting all the cousins on the slide. It was precarious, slightly funny to watch,
and in the end: futile.

All the Cousins!!! Left to right: Evan, Corban, Caden, Dawson, Jackson, Madison, Thompson, Alysa, and Gabe

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A new goal in life. It's good...It's really good.

My new goal in life is: to experience The French Laundry first hand.
I love food. I really do. I love fancy food even more. In high school I was able to go to La Caille as part of a foods class. I fell head over heals. The fancy atmosphere, the manners, the service, the FOOD. I loved that there was a dress code! No bums allowed ya know?? I loved that someone in their kitchen was painstakingly preparing wonderful, artful, delicious food just for me. I took a culinary arts class for a while at the datc which was fun for a while but I felt more just like an elementary school lunch lady than a chef. The teaching concepts were there but we couldn't really use many of them because of budget. We didn't ever have really great ingredients and we didn't ever prepare master pieces. I did however learn how to make homemade pasta which is WAYYYYY better than the dried stuff. (Come to think of it I don't think I've made that for jack...ever...what a terrible wife I am.) Anywho I looked into Le Courdon Bleu schools for a while, even tossed around the idea of going to the one in Pennsylvania. Turned out that you had to basically sell your soul, your first born, and a future spouse in order to attend Le Courdon Bleu. "I guess I'll go down to uvsc since it's free tuition and live at grandma's..." (turns out that was really what I was supposed to do all along, go figure). Anyway, I still love food, I just let jack make it because he's a natural! :)
I never make goals because I have some sort of problem reaching them...oh yeah, I'm lazy. But I'm changing that little rule just for The French Laundry. Sometime before the age of 50 I WILL make it to The French Laundry. The dining experience there is unequalled by any other restaurant. What could be more fabulous than a meal lasting somewhere between 4 and 6 hours? The answer? Nothing. Nothing at all. I will be saving each penny I can. If you find some pennies on the street pass them down to this all too worthy goal. j/k. I'll make it on my own dime. or jack and I's, I should say. wish me luck.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Puddles. water heaters. and teenage boys.

Yesterday I was amazing. Lets be honest. I was planning a pajama day and not having to do anything. I decided I should at least wrap some gifts during nap time. Instead I did a little fix on our water heater. I had put both boys down for their naps and got out the bags of gifts to wrap while they were asleep. When I went downstairs to get the tissue paper box I stepped in a puddle. Puddles are ALWAYS bad when you're in a basement. There's never a good puddle in the basement. So I removed my soggy sock and started feeling around to see why there was a puddle in the carpet. (Not to mention crossing my fingers that jack had just spilled the squirt bottle when he went down to iron that morning) No such luck with the crossing fingers. It was a good 2'X2' square of soggy soggy soggy carpet in the guest bedroom. nice. I looked further in the room to make sure that was as far as the water went and it was thank goodness. Then the thought: "oh no. the water heater," comes to mind. I open the utility closet to find a large puddle on the concrete. A puddle you ask? yes. no drain by the water heater- it's by the washer and dryer-cause that's rational... Go figure we didn't notice that until now. Anyway as I'm sopping up water everywhere I realize that this isn't a fix that can wait because there's a constant drip coming from the temperature pressure release valve on the top side of the water heater. pajama day gone. I call Karen up to see if she can come listen for the boys while I run to the hardware store. When I get to the hardware store I find a lady 70 + yrs old and a teenage boy maybe 17 yrs old and ask for the part I need. (the ones my dad instructed me to get). The little boy jumped at the chance to help me trying so so hard to locate the correct parts. He obviously had no clue what I was talking about but was trying so sincerely to help out. (*note* my wedding ring is in disrepair so my hand was naked, and I didn't have kids with me.) Before he could ask me to the next dance a man that knew what he was doing asked if he was finding things okay. Phew. But thanks for the flattery of being attracted to a married mom of two. The new guy got me hooked up with all the right parts, loaned me the store's pvc cutters and sent me on my way to fix the problem. I went home did the little fix that I could, then went to return the pvc cutters to the store. You should have seen the sweet little guys face as soon as the gentleman that helped me started discussing something that brought up "my Husband shut off the sprinkler water..." The poor kid was crushed. The H word. sad. flattering. but sad. oh well. my dad's graciously coming to help fix the spout tomorrow even though he's sick as a dog. We're so grateful for his fix it help so often!

Monday, November 30, 2009


hope every one's holiday was wonderful! We enjoyed a road trip to cali to celebrate thanksgiving and baby t's blessing Sunday. It was a great trip- we had a wonderful time and traveled safely the whole time. The roads were clear of snow, and people for the most part. No one likes hearing about someone else's vacation for very long so that's all I'll post about it. Besides this one last tid bit: we had the BEST luck with black friday shopping and we're so freaking lucky we got it all to fit in the car. (seriously a little case of claustrophobia on the way home because we were a little full). Lets just say that every item on our list of doorbusters was available for us (not to mention that we got the last or second to last one on the shelf every time!)!
the end.

ps. thanks to nana and papa for giving corban an early birthday gift (a portable dvd player) so the drive back wasn't as grueling as it could have been :). Many people were worried about our travels sans a portable dvd player.

Monday, November 23, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things

  • my babies. (especially when they ask to snuggle up under a blanket on the couch with me to watch the Brady Bunch)
  • my husband. He's the best one ever invented. Cooks, cleans, works, loves me, loves his boys more than anything, and honors his preistood.
  • my home. Warm, cozy, plenty of space, and still loves me even when it's not always spotless.
  • Crafts that have no purpose other than doing SOMETHING with friends.
  • Baking. Favorite ingredients include: Butter, Sugar, Flour, and Cinnamon.
  • Snow. Snow. Snow.
  • Hot Chocolate.
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate. (from DQ, you haven't lived until you've had one)
  • sleeping babies.
  • laughing babies.
  • Being healthy.
  • Living so close to so many people that love and care for us.
  • the gospel.
  • those who sacrifice their time and talents for the well being of others.
  • Husbands that take their wives to movies like new moon.
  • hoodies.
  • Fuzzy slippers.
  • Blankets. Lots of blankets.
  • Being able to do hair when I'd like.
  • Pillows-fluffy yet firm is always best.
  • Cars
  • Snowmobiles
  • Waverunners
  • Boats
  • Swimming pools
  • Strollers
  • phones

Happy Thanksgiving this week. Enjoy your family, friends old and new. Eat well, Sleep well, Travel Safely.



Thursday, November 19, 2009


So when our food storage challenge ended Saturday night I was able to go to the store to get groceries. We really only needed the essentials. We made it through the challenge week with diapers wipes and formula for Gabe but wouldn't make it through Sunday without picking those up. So off to walmart at 10pm. I picked up Diapers, Wipes, Formula, 1 Gal. of milk, Margarine, a can of spray whipping cream (almost just the essentials...) and two church outfits for the boys for our family photos over thanksgiving. The total you ask???
Moral of the story you ask??? babies are SO expensive. 3 months and Gabe can hopefully drink milk. cross your fingers. Granted, we always buy two cans of formula at a time so we're prepared (lucky habit that was formed before we even had the challenge wouldn't you say?) so that runs us $50 anyway...but really does something that straps on to catch poop have to cost so much??? And don't say washable diapers- I'm not that good of a mother, I refuse to put poop soiled rags into our washing machine. This is why I was not a Pioneer! The washer and I made a deal: I don't put poopy stuff in it- it washes my clothes so I don't have to. I'm sticking to the deal.

To make a short story a little longer: super Saturday is this Saturday. hope it goes well. hope the food is good....and I hope people aren't angry that there aren't any crafts for them to pay for.

Friday, November 13, 2009

foodie reigned in.

I think that this week may be our UN-healthiest week ever. For me at least. If something doesn't sound good to me, I just don't eat it. Period. That simple. So when the option is oatmeal for breakfast again- or nothing? I choose nothing. I've apparently been the milk natzi this week. I've tried to make our gallon of milk we opened sunday morning last this whole week incase I need it for a recipe. The other morning for breakfast I decided corban and I deserved a treat for not having our morning cereal everyday like we have been always. So I thought we should make some pudding for breakfast. I told him that it called for 2 cups cold milk as I was getting it out of the fridge. I go to pour it and corban says: "Don't waste it mom." in a very serious-life or death tone. After I had mixed the pudding up and poured it into bowls he said all sorts of sweet things: "Oh THANK YOU mom! You're my Hero!" "You're my lifesaver!" Sometimes it's really nice to have such a vocal son. And sometimes it's nice to do something that isn't necissarily healthy for you or your son's body, but healthy for his happiness in getting a fun treat.

I've determined that we definitely NEED to accumulate some healthful food storage recipes like my sweet aunt Liesa Card has outlined in her book I Dare You To Eat It. ( Liesa will be coming in february to do an adult activity to teach us more about provident living and food storage.
I realized that we will have to get canning some meats because even though we've been able to pull them out of the freezer this week- if we didn't have power that would be a different story.
On top of that we need to learn the art of planning ahead! That has been my near-downfall this week. If I was taking the boys out to run errands and we'd be out during lunch it wouldn't cross my mind that I needed to make us some sack lunches instead of grabbing something while we were out. There were a few close calls like when we were passing a new mcdonalds that was doing almost everything on their menu for 99 cents...or smelling yummy foods while we were at IKEA getting a high chair for gabe.
Just tell me when this is over so I can go to the store- I miss it. You'd think with all this IN time my house would be cleaner- it's not. It's more messy. Such a pain. Where are the house cleaning fairies?? If you know give me a shout. thanks

Monday, November 9, 2009

Emergnecy Preparedness

So yesterday as we were hustling into our sacrament meeting at 1:02 a dear sister from the ward stops us and says we are just the family she was waiting for. (uh oh.) "Here" she says as she hands us a paper. "The bishop picked you to do this chanllenge-they'll explain in sacrament meeting." And she walks away. I look down at the paper and see:

Magna Stake - Are we prepared in 2009? Series Event
Food Storage CHallenge
Live for 1 week out of your food/supply Storage
We have learned a lot about Emergency Preparedness this year ... now it is time to see what you learned and if you are truly prepared for an Emergency Event in your life.

Challenge: Your family will live off your home food and supply storage for 1 week!

When: Beginning Sunday November 8th...right after your Ward Block through Saturday November 14th.
You cannot go to the store for anything! (exception: prescription drugs.
You may use your home utilities including city water.
If you run out of an item or find you do not have something, you may trade, barter or buy items...but only from other families involved in the challenge.

Let's not- and say we did.
I know we'll do fine because I have an amazing storage room full of canned foods and such but it's just the principle of the thing.
(I hit the Smith's Case Lot Sale a couple weeks before we moved in.)
Believe me it's not this organized any more but it's still just as full- maybe even more full.

It's someone saying "you can't go to the store". That makes you want to go even more!!! Maybe that's just my personallity. Anyway, we're glad that we bought formula for gabe last week and we just cracked open a gallon of milk this morning- but we'll definitely purchase some "morning moo" after this is all over. Possibly we'll learn some other must haves. We've realized how blessed we are in many ways as we joked around about how we could survive on our mac and cheese stash alone.{notice the picture above second shelf from the floor on the right? mac and cheese. check :) } Jack frequently gets to bring home different meats from work for many reasons- either a tipped pallet (nothing wrong with it but the consumer won't accept the shipment) and late shipment. So we have a freezer full of chicken, beef, and some salmon patties (check those out at Costco they're salmon filets ground into patties and they're fabulous- and about a buck/pattie which is cheap for salmon) The kicker of this is that the bishop mentioned something about "could you live off your food in your house for a week?" in an email last week. Jack and I thought- "yeah, maybe, it probably wouldn't be that bad- soups, pastas, rice, beans, and canned fruits and veggies. We should be living this way ANYWAY." But we didn't imagine we'd have to do it this week. Jack and I would like to have the other two families that were assigned to participate over for a dinner together this week so we'll get to work on figuring that out. Wish us luck in keeping the variety going instead of just making mac and cheese every day. Cause you know I'd do that in a heart beat ;) .

Sunday, November 1, 2009

little things

So just some stuff that's been rattling around in my brain:
  • We don't have ANY family pictures of all four of us. *edit* we have halloween pictures.
  • We NEED a dishwasher like a year ago.
  • I shouldn't go after-halloween sale shopping tomorrow morning- but I'm going to anyway.
  • My boys are the cutest ever-if not very very crazy.
  • Gabe loves Corban with all his heart.
  • Corban loves to wrestle Gabe.
  • I'm glad I'm not chasing Sam round these days plus my boys, I'm glad that my dad is LOVING having him.
  • I love our home.
  • I'm grateful corban's potty trained-however many times he has to go at inopportune times.
  • I love that we have two working cars.
  • I'd love to do more hair than I'm doing, but only by a little more.
  • I wish the house cleaning fairy would visit more often. (or at least the mood to clean would strike me more often)
  • I wish my vacuum didn't make the house smell like popcorn every time it's used (apparently you shouldn't vacuum up buttery popcorn unless you like that smell every time you vacuum)
  • I shouldn't be complaining but it feels nice.
  • My days are going to fill up quickly-very shortly.
  • I should post halloween party photos :) maybe right now, maybe tomorrow....we'll see.

I think that's about it. phew that feels better. you should try it.

oh ps. let's have faith that whatever needs to happen is happening at the time it should happen and that we can be strong enough for it when it happens.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just in case you were wondering...

Candy Corn

First created in the 1880s by George Renninger of the Wunderle Candy Company, the three colors of candy corn are meant to symbolize actual corn. Each piece is approximately the size of a whole kernel of corn, as if it fell off a ripe or dried ear of corn.
Candy corn is made primarily from sugar, corn syrup and honey. Working by hand, the original manufacturers first combined sugar, corn syrup and water and cooked them into a slurry. Fondant was added for texture, and marshmallows provided a soft bite. The final mixture was then heated and poured into shaped molds. Three passes were required during the pouring process, one for each colored section. Few changes have been made to the process or recipe, with machines now performing the tasks formerly done by people. Candy corn can be found at most popular grocery food stores in the United States.

Friday, October 23, 2009

no posting???

I have a new hobby. digital scrapbooking. I got sucked in (thanks a lot tina...) jk, I really am enjoying it. I also am enjoying the Catching Fire book!!! It's the sequel to The Hunger Games (only the best book ever.) so i'll post one of my little pages I've worked on. Don't scoff. I'm learning- slowly but surely. and don't laugh that I'm this far behind in scrapbooking.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is sam. He's the puppy that jack bought as a surprise birthday gift 2 yrs ago. We've loved having him as a part of our family. He started not acting like his happy self when gabe came around because sam became the bottom of the totum poll. He was sad, he wasn't getting the attention he needed or the exercise. My parents were gracious enough to take him right before I had gabe so he wasn't around a new born, and he is visibly happier someplace other than our home.
We came to the conclusion a few months ago that he needed a home that would appreciate him (and maybe one without a toddler that would hit him). We talked about putting him on ksl, but my little brother's friend said that he wanted sam. We gave him several months to try to convince his dad to no avail. We were back at square one. Just when we were about to put an add up on ksl, we found him a new home. These people will love and care for him-he has a fenced yard to romp and play, and people to walk him. He transitioned really well to this family and I'm sure he'll be happy.
Afterall-my parents are the ones that decided to keep him :) We are so thrilled, it couldn't have turned out better. We'll still see him lots, we won't have to wonder about some strange family taking him, and I won't have to explain where sam is to corban, and my dad fianlly has his dog!
PS have you rsvp'd to the halloween party yet?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What else to say besides I hope to see everyone there! (unless you're out of state then you get off the hook ;) )

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009


so corban was swinging a sock around like a nun-chuck or something and whacked me right in the eyeball (I was sitting on the floor with gabe).

Corban: "oh sorry!!!"
Me: "owwwww...." (holding a hand over my eyeball...)
Corban: "Say it isn't your fault mom!"
Me: "what??"
Corban: "say it isn't your fault..."

That's right...sometimes when corban's spilled something or broken something on accident I say "it's all right hunny it was an accident, it's not your fault". In this case he WANTED me to tell him that this wasn't his fault. Little stinker.

Monday, August 31, 2009


So I've got a little less to change lately...corban's potty training- and doing really quite well. It's been about 6 days now and he's getting used to the whole bit. 1 & 2 on the potty are now old hat and he goes without me asking. I just hope it sticks. There are many changes to come, but we'll take it all in stride.
ps. I read a few choice chapters in the book of mormon the other day- Alma chapters 32-34. Faith building anyone???

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ready? get set. Vent.

So I'm going to start this blog up again...don't roll your eyes- I just feel like it.
Some of what we've been doing the last 6 months??? Lets go through my planner.
March: New baby gabe. Doing hair, Jack working and doing scouts, Grandpa Romney died, Grandpa Romney's Funeral and Viewing, Dr. appointments for all, and Gabe's blessing.
April: 2 mo old Gabe, Hair, Jack working @ knight, Centerville stake performance, General Conference, Hair, Andrea's baptism, Easter, Scouts for jack, Square foot garden class, Gabe having problems on his formula- can't get a hold of dr office, feeding the missionaries, Buy a couch, making a square foot garden, Jack on a camp out, fix dryer, Viewmont Orchestra concert.
May: Gabe 3 mo, Hair, wedding reception, Updo's for prom, 4 yr wedding anniversary dinner,

*The slide show isn't working for some reason- but you can click on the "view all images" to see them on, sorry, I'm just as perplexed as you are.*

Container Garden shopping for relief society, surprise party for shavonne, Perm, speak in sacrament meeting, Ben's birthday, Visiting Teaching, Vegas Vacation for our anniversary.
June: Gabe 4 mo, Mom's birthday, Jack works a weekend, Girls day @ tina's, gospel principles lesson, Park ward enrichment night- card making, Daniels birthday, Larsen Family Reunion in Idaho Falls, Podiatrist apt for stupid toe... times 3, My birthday (jack even through me a surprise luau party that was to die for!!!) Transformers 2, Hair, Wedding style, Wedding reception, Hair color, Heather and Jeremy visit with the kids :) , teach gospel principles class
July: Gabe 5 mo, help with Temple open house twice, Jack works a weekend, Dinner party for "what's for dinner" cook book, Yellowstone road trip for the first Anderson Fam. Reunion:

*Again the slides are working, try the view all images button. I don't know what's going on. oh the joy's of blogging I remember so fondly...or not.*

more Hair and waxing, help with magna stake float for day's of '47 parade, bake for funeral, Yard Sale-ing! (found: an art table/desk for corban, mirrors, chairs, toys for boys, clothes for boys), Parade, Fireworks, teach gospel principles class, visiting teacher came, go to temple open house, Pool party with braden and tina ruined by me: fatigued to the point of almost passing out, eyes not focusing, constant nausea, and dizziness.
August (so far): Spray painting mirrors {come get your hair done to see for yourself :) } Organizing the front room, the basement, and the rest of the house, Gabe 6 mo (on the 16) Corban=one sick puppy (possibly strep- but then got a negative test result) Gabe=another sick puppy (explosive diapers if you catch my drift) then vomiting three days later (my wonderful neighbor florence came and took corban for me {because he wouldn't stop looking at all the vomit everywhere so he was about to be sick} and that allowed me to get myself and gabe all cleaned up) Jack's now sick as a dog with whatever it was that corban had, I'm sick too but that's nothing-I gotta keep going. My mom came over to rescue me from the MOUNTAIN of laundry and all the sickies- she brought cafe rio and helped with organizing and laundry and corban and gabe! what a life saver!

That's about it for now. I'm done venting. maybe I'll add photos maybe not... we'll see.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Here's some photos from the 24th of July Parade with my Mom, Corban, Gabe, and I.

It was so so so so SO hot that day! My mom is the greatest grandma. She was showing him how to cool off with a water bottle....Dump water into the hat, dump hat on head, Repeat. :)
Then he started dumping the water all over the pavement...we sat in the middle of the street so it was really really hot pavement.
It was a blast, and we all roasted to death but we did get to see the float that our stake made. Later that day we had planned to go to Herriman Beach, but I was in no shape to take my toddler to do the beach after we had been that hot all morning. So we went home to take naps and I ended up just making some crafts- pacifier clips. (thanks to some already made by my good friend shavonne I worked off of some of her designs)

Little bow tie one.

This one's my fav. it's a little tie for a boy :)

Friday, July 17, 2009


don't worry- I'll get around to a monster huge catch up post sooner or later. promise.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Announcing: Gabe Romney Larsen

Born February 16, 2009 at 8:44 am in Timpanogos Regional Hospital. 20 inches long. 7 lbs 9 oz. A very happy, healthy baby for a very excited family!

**Corban's enjoying being a big brother- a little bit. It's still for Corban. He's very sweet to him and enjoys giving him his pacifier and telling me that I need to "jus' hold him!!! jus' hold him!!!" if he makes any sort of noise what so ever. I'll add more photos when I'm not so gosh darn dizzy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Don't have a heart attack...

I know it's surprising to see...but I think I'll do a new post real quick to update you people. The past 3 weeks have been spent: taking care of corban's double ear, eye, and sinus infection, taking care of my sinus infection, taking care of jack's cold, and taking care of corban's stomach flu bug the last two days. I've been able to venture out a few times to some fun things though: Claudia's bridal shower, have some ladies in for the night to help with baby clothes, and some dinner dates. So all in all we're all alive.
As a pregnancy update: as of Thursday we have scheduled an induction for Thursday Feb 19 if he doesn't come before then. I'm partially dilated and effaced so either way by Thursday we'll be parents of two silly little boys. (and a stupid dog...) {and my kitty that I grew up with may be dead someplace because she's been missing for almost 5 days :( }
Anyway, that's about it, it's valentines day and I'm going to go spend time with my hubby.
happy valentines day

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas 2008

So this is a catch up post. Here are our Christmas 2008 Photos.

Corban sitting on santa's lap...not really happy about it and we weren't really super impressed with santa's attitude that day either...
Looking at the Oakland Temple Lights with all the cousins! From left to right starting with the back row: Evan, Madison, Caden, Alysa, Dawson, Jackson, and Corban.
Jack Corban, and I and Baby Gabey in the belly, in front of the view from the Oakland Temple grounds. Lets not talk about the's leaving now so we just don't have to worry about this picture.
The cousin's all excited about the Oakland Temple Lights.

The Oakland Temple Christmas lights, with the Nativity.Frosting cookies for santa...or corban.
The plate of cookies for santa and a carrot for the reindeer.
Hanging his stocking above the fireplace with care.
Before the Mayhem began...
Then we all got there aren't many other photos. Let me just sum it up in a few words. Throw up Everywhere. Fa la la la la la la la la. Happy Holidays :)

The Larsens