Wednesday, January 19, 2011

because typing's faster.

I have to type this experience up before I forget the total awesomeness of it. Then later I'm sure I'll have a mega super huge post with pics about all the fun things in december. How about after I have this baby? sounds good. k. on to the totally AWEsome experience.
Cliff notes version:
*we had been pre-paying our dr for this pregnancy so we'd be paid off come delivery. awesome of us right?
*we found out our dr couldn't deliver (found this out at my 32 wk appt) for us and we should find a new dr. {um...both boys came at 38 wks so that left me with like 0 time to spare.}
*we found an awesome midwife to deliver and she's DARLING!
*our old dr office billed the insurance company DEC. 29th (thanks. thanks a lot.)
*we found out our insurance was applying ALL of it to deductible so we'd be getting less than 100 bones back...even though she didn't deliver a bouncing baby girl....
*probably a little cussing.
*trying to figure out how in the heck we were going to pay off this years deductible after covering ALL of last year's deductible...
*REALLY stressing about fundage...
*Deiciding as a new years goal we'd pay our tithing EACH WEEK instead of trying to lump sum it at the end of the month....hope it works
*how in the heck is this going to work???
*The math definitely isn't working....
*me- "jack please come home on your ever so short lunch break to give me a blessing- I think my head's going to explode from stress and I'm miserably pregnant.." jack- "I'll be right there! no problem!" (he's my hero.)
*it'll work somehow...
*oh wait jack's bonus (one third of our income people...) might be HALF of what it should normally be...
*it's not working...
*phone rang today. it was the old dr office. I'm thinking oh crap. we owe more $ or something crazy like that. This is the conversation that ensued. Her:"Is this Amanda?" Me:"yes, this is her." Her:"this is _______ I'm the one that talked to you about your refund at the end of last month..." Me:"yes, I remember..." Her:"well we've gotten the response from your insurance company and it looks like I told you the wrong amount for your refund." Me:"oh? different how?" (assuming it would be less). Her:"it will be a little more." Me:"a little more? like how much more?" Her:"$***.** (about 8 times what she'd originally told me." Me:"pardon?" Her:"yeah, your insurance ended up paying it in full so they didn't apply ANY of it to your deductible. Can I verify your address because I'm going to go run this to the lady that does all the refunds so it can get to you as quickly as possible."

told you.
AWE some.
I know this is a direct blessing of us deciding to pay our tithing each week in full regardless of how strapped it looks on the front end of the week. Pretty sweet deal huh? pay the lord 10% and he'll make the impossible- possible. try it. it's fun.

The Larsens