Friday, April 30, 2010

No Holds Pine Wood Derby

So we had a Ward No Holds Pine Wood Derby! It was such a hoot! I loved seeing all the different cars and who was serious about it and who let there kids do most of the work :). I loved it. Anyway I thought I should show off the cars for our family!

Gabe & I's Lugger. Gabe helped by laughing when I'd do something wrong or silly.
Gabe and I's Lugger took SECOND place to Gillian's 3 Master Pieces. She's definitely got the skillz for pine wood derby races! I was totally flattered to come in just behind Gillian. *hat's off to you girl!*

Here's Corban's Skate Board. We let him pick out some super hero stickers to put on it. (they were even holographic). He very specifically wanted the Iron Man sticker to be right in the middle of the car but off to the side...very artistic.
He insisted that the bottom of his skate board needed to be green. Even though it was mostly covered with weights. He picked out the spray paint for it.

Jack's lovely Mormon mini van. (it's actually a a cement brick that he hammered into pieces and taped the outside together) Unfortunately his car was not able to participate fully. A child dropped his car right before the actual races and busted off the wheels in such a way that it couldn't be repaired. Although- his car DID smoke mine & Gabe's in a test run before everyone was there that evening, so perhaps he could have put up a fight against Gillian's speeding bullets.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Thanks for all the feedback on the kitty question! I think I have some aspects to consider a bit more before making a final decision. I'm a person that thinks and stews about something before going for it- especially when it comes to big purchases or someone cutting bangs :P . With my boys being so stinking sick this week I haven't had much time to think about it.
This brings me to my next point. My boys have been getting sick a lot lately so I am making a new regulation for my salon. I will no longer allow children that aren't receiving hair services to come to play during a parent's or siblings appointment. They may sit in the front room with the parent and/or sibling but may not enter the rest of the house. I can't continue cancelling appointments due to my children's risk of infecting your children with whatever they're suffering from. I still reserve the right to cancel in order to care for my children, however, if they are well enough to have a sitter I can still do appointments. Also I feel that if I am paying someone to watch my children it is unfair to that sitter to be asked to watch extra kids without extra pay. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but it is something that had to change. We made it through a long winter of cancellations, changes, and rescheduling and I think this will help with your schedule and mine. I appreciate your business, your friendship, and all your kids. Thanks again for letting me do what I love.

Monday, April 19, 2010

kitty? or no kitty?

I want a kitty. There. I said it. I've missed my kitty since I moved out of the house after high school. I'm terrified for the safety/well being of said future kitty because of my boys. However, they LOVE my kitty that still lives at my mom's house. Even though she's old, probably mostly blind, and kind of skittish in her old age, they're quite soft and sweet to her. Also I found these totally amazing things called SoftPaws so I don't have to worry about scratching! {totally go see the site- it's so funny looking and I love it! it's like a kitty-mani. They come in all sorts of colors.}

Anyway, the reason for the post is this: vote. tell me yay or nay and your reasoning! I really really want one. here are my pros: I miss having a kitty around. I love how sweet and usually very intuitive all my cats have been. cons: jack's not a huge cat person (but he insists that he's ready for a cat), I worry about my kids (either torturing it or getting hurt by the kitty in self defense), I worry about having an inside cat + salon in my house....please vote. I need some opinions here.

PS-there are plenty of FREE kitties on ksl that are declawed, spayed/neutered, adults or kittens. vote on those options too...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy *late* easter post.

This is how I know my hubby loves me. This is my easter "basket" that he constructed for me.

Yes- those are boxes of peeps my friends.
The base of the basket was a box of graham crackers. Why you ask is there graham crackers and chocolate chips??? Indoor smores of corse. duh.
Here's the construction process: First cover a baking sheet with foil- easy clean up. Turn on your oven to about 300.
  • One graham cracker half (or you can use saltines- which are VERY NICE as well)
  • Several chocolate chips (about 10 or so to get a good chocolatey base)
  • One peep

Bake at 300 for about 5 min. {keep a close eye because if the peep expands too much it will fall over sideways and that's a hot sticky mess to fix.} if you want them to bake longer so you can clean up dinner while they're baking turn the oven down to 250- if you want them done asap turn it up. it's not rocket science but it's a really yummy snack. enjoy your toasty peeps. yum yum.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I do hair.

This is polly. I love polly. She's darling. This. Is. Her. Hair.

This is when you "comb" it out. But you can't call it combing out when you can't run a comb through it. Each individual hair on her hair is really a zig zag shape. Not a tiny curl- a zig zag. A tiny itsy bitsy zig-zag.

This is after we're all done.
Ta. and Da.

Trust me now?



Gabe's Hair cut from a while back...

So this was from January of 2010. He had all this long long baby curly hair that was always all over the place. I gave him a trim (buzzed) on the sides but he didn't want to sit for the rest of a cut so I shaped it up a bit and came up with a nice emo-mohawk. best baby haircut ever. all we had to do was gel it up and it'd stay nice and curly the rest of the day. you know you're jealous.

The Larsens