Wednesday, May 30, 2012

As Promised:

The Family with our newly assembled coop and our new chickens!

Gabe wandered off during a rain storm, Jay and Florence weren't home so we didn't know where he could have gone! While I was walking back from their house I heard a little voice yelling: "Daddy I'm in here!!!" We found him inside the coop safe and warm. Luckily it was nice a clean because it was the day before we picked the chickens up.

 Jack holding Gabe's chicken: Iron Man and Chloe petting her softly.
 They were both so excited!
 They were kind of just past the awkward, super, duper, ugly teenager chicken age when we got them but the kids thought they were awesome.
 This is Buffy and Chloe. Buffy knows chloe usually gives out treats ha ha.
 KFC got her finger just after I snapped this picture and she just told kfc "no no no." then went about trying to pet her again.
 This is Chubby, she was a real piece of work but as soon as she started laying she turned into a softy.
 Leslie (corban's on bottom left), "Iron Man coble chicken" (Gabe's in the front left), Bus (mine- total meanie head in the back) and Chubby very front.
Corban Loves his chicken Leslie. Sometimes he says "her other name is les-les. That means chicken."

We've had fun with these feathered dinosaurs- and now they're laying like crazy so we're getting 5 or 6 eggs a day from 6 chickens. lots of eggs for breakfast around here.

A few little tidbits/references in case anyone is curious:
  • great website for all sorts of help
  • Fresh (movie on Netflix) about sustainable food culture- really wonderful and leaves you feeling kind of empowered- like we can do this!
  • Food Inc (another movie on Netflix) pretty harsh at points but I think it's totally relevant to see what really happens in factory farming ex: chicken houses, beef farms, ect. It's good to know where your food comes from and not just remain ignorant of what is happening. If you're squeamish I'd suggest Fresh instead.
  • Chick Days: an absolute beginner's guide to raising chickens from hatchlings to laying hens by Jenna Woginrich.
  • Go to the Library and flip through all the chicken raising books. Some I loved, some were too dry and too...rigid. Enjoy!

The Larsens