Friday, July 24, 2009


Here's some photos from the 24th of July Parade with my Mom, Corban, Gabe, and I.

It was so so so so SO hot that day! My mom is the greatest grandma. She was showing him how to cool off with a water bottle....Dump water into the hat, dump hat on head, Repeat. :)
Then he started dumping the water all over the pavement...we sat in the middle of the street so it was really really hot pavement.
It was a blast, and we all roasted to death but we did get to see the float that our stake made. Later that day we had planned to go to Herriman Beach, but I was in no shape to take my toddler to do the beach after we had been that hot all morning. So we went home to take naps and I ended up just making some crafts- pacifier clips. (thanks to some already made by my good friend shavonne I worked off of some of her designs)

Little bow tie one.

This one's my fav. it's a little tie for a boy :)

Friday, July 17, 2009


don't worry- I'll get around to a monster huge catch up post sooner or later. promise.

The Larsens