Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My feet and Hands are freezing

But I'm going to post anyway. I need to. Jack got the job at CR England (I've added a link to the company's history page-so wonderful-check it out). I am so thrilled. Less work and more money for a company that TRIES to make their employees happy! They not only care about making their people happy, they put it in action! They provide fitness opportunities, vacation time, really cool amenities- it's just really really neat. I have to say that the last two and a half weeks have possibly been the best I've ever had. I'm pretty sure I could die a happy woman. Here's what my past weeks have looked like:
Feb 4- I interviewed at the Cottage Retreat Day Spa @ Gardner Village (got the job)
Feb 5-craft day (the day jack was laid off. as a note they waited until 4:45pm to finally tell jack, go ahead and pack it up we'll finalize things on monday)
Feb 6- Walked from our house to the Magna Library then over to Smiths and the Dollar Store as a family! Such a total blast! It was about 3 miles...go us. half up hill. yeah baby.
Feb 7-superbowl party
Feb 8- Really Really Great family night with corban. Jack's childhood pet, Jasper, had to be put to sleep that day so we had a lesson on the plan of salvation with Corban, he absorbed all of it.
Feb 9- Corban's playschool-that he loves more than anything in the world.
Feb 10- Did some hair appointments :)
Feb 11- Had the missionaries over for dinner
Feb 12-13 Girls weekend @ my aunt Jean's house. I got to make a fun apron, and do lots of fun scalp treatments. SANS my sons!!!
Feb 14-Corban gave his first talk in primary-SOOO darling. He loves the spotlight. Jack and the boys made me the cutest Valentine EVER. He made wonderful dinner too!
Feb 16-Gabe's First Birthday!!!
Feb 17-Jack had his first interview @ CR England, I did some hair appointments
Feb 19- Our ward Provident Living Night with Liesa Card. We had nearly 50 people attend! It was wonderful!!
Feb 20- I was able to do TONS of hair appointments all day- just the way I LIKE it. Jack's ward b-ball team made it to the finals or whatever for winning their game that morning. Me and the boys went up to my folks to hang out so jack could have a guys night.
Feb 21- we went to a family party at my aunt Marta's. Super yummy food, really fun games.
Feb 23- We had Playgroup at our house- we talked about how plants grow, they planted their own sunflowers to take home, Jay and Florence let me bring the whole bunch of kids over to see where carrots grow- jay and the kids dug some up (they let them stay in the ground through the whole winter so they get to be MASSIVE!) and let the kids all help rinse them and he let them eat one of the small ones. We had chopped one of the giant ones up into carrot sticks for them in little baggies for their snack. After the kids all went home we all took naps then drove out to the target in Jordan Landing. After target we ate at In N Out Burger.
ALL THIS WITH MY HUSBAND HOME-HANGING OUT, HELPING WITH EVERYTHING!! I think I changed like 5 diapers in the last 2 1/2 weeks.
Duh. I could totally die a happy woman.
sorry I bragged. I just had to.
***thank you for all the prayers on our behalf. the only reason that this was such a wonderful time without work is because we could constantly feel the comfort of the Holy Ghost. We never once felt as though we'd be in trouble. We felt totally at peace. So thank you. For your thoughts, prayers and for keeping your eyes open for jobs for jack.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

*Caution* Totally mushy gooshy post:

I love valentines. I love giving them. I love getting them. Why can't we pass out valentines as adults??? Have little mail boxes out for that day and pass them out like in grade school? lame. Corban, Jack, and I all made some for corban's primary class by cutting out cards and letting him glue them together- he got a kick out of that. Anyway- I married the most sweet, thoughtful, romantic man on the face of the planet. True story. Yes I'm talking about Jack. He's darling. He made me a GIANT valentine. He took a piece of poster board and folded it, covered it in hearts, wrote a poem on the front, and wrote a sweet letter on the inside. He even bought me an Itunes gift card. Here's what the poem said:
I just wanted to say that you're awesome, you rock,
A nerd might say you're the Kirk to my Spock.
Each day that I'm with you, you make me feel great,
And I think you're the best, Grade A, and first rate.
Your two boys sure love you even though they are crazy,
With those two around, no day can seem lazy!
You're the best mom there is, and an even better wife,
One thing's for sure, I'm glad I've got you for life.
Happy Valentine's Day from me and the two loons,
We hope you enjoy these freaking sweet....
(on the inside) Itunes!

And that's not all folks. He made me Pasta Carrabba for dinner sunday night!!! only like my favorite thing in the entire universe.

And he got this all ready while I was off playing at my aunt Jean's house friday-saturday night because she was having a girl's weekend at her place. What more could you ask for in a husband??? He ENCOURAGES girl time. WITHOUT my boys!!! He had the two sickies all by himself that whole time. no joke. whew. I totally love that guy.

As a side note here's the apron I made at Jean's house. Eat your heart out Martha Stewart.

To Do:

  • Blog Gabe's 1st Birthday Party
  • Blog Corban's hair cut...
  • Blog about my mushy gooshy valentines day :)
  • Update exercise blog
  • Get ready for our Provident Living Night Activity
  • Fold my mount timpanogos size pile of laundry...yikes.
  • Update the playlists on my ipod...I'm so sick of the same old same old ya know???

sounds like SO much fun right?? not so much. I guess I'll get to work blogging...that's the easiest part of that to do list right?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So here's the change we knew was coming: Jack was laid off on friday. We feel really good about it- we know we'll be okay, we aren't really worrying. I just wish I had some idea of when we'll be okay- I don't even have to know HOW we'll be okay, just that we'll be okay by....(insert month, day, and year).
Any who. enough about that. On to more depressing topics of the day. TV is horrendous. I really really despise it these days. Unless it's pbs kids go. Then it's okay. But the rest of it is horrible. At least it seems to be. There are families on the news that lost their children to freak pest control substance leaks, people killing each other because they're angry, hurt, intoxicated, or just because. There are tv shows that are made to mirror the news by reinacting these horrific events and they call it ENTERTAINMENT! Why on earth would people be okay with considering that entertainment? I'm so totally bummed out when I get 10 minutes to sit down and veg out that I can't just turn on the tv to find something good. Like really Good. Something that uplifts, something that makes you feel like a better person for having watched it. Several months ago (probably close to a year) Michael J Fox did a special called Adventures of an Incurable Optimist. It was wonderful. Uplifting. Talking about seeing the world optimistically. Shows like this need more attention- more hype. Shows like Extreme Home Makeover -where you aren't allowed to watch a full episode without watery eyes- need some lovin. I'm sick of the crap that they consider prime time tv. If that time slot is prime why the freak do they air CRAP-OLLA??? I think I'm so frustrated about this tonight because jack's at ward b-ball practice and the kids are finally down for *hopefully* the whole night and I have nothing but crap crap crap to watch. I suppose I could pick up one of the books I'm reading but jack and I were reading until just a few minutes before he left and I just need some num out time you know??? ahhhhhh. vent over. it's safe to come out now.
and ps can I just say what a wonderful family I have??? I know you might all vomit from hearing how wonderful they all are but they really truly are. Take this for instance: I was supposed to head down to orem to pick up some Rx from my dr, and my sweet grandma H. was willing to pick it up for me so that I wouldn't have to drive down twice this week. And jack helped me and corban work on making valentines today. What can I say? really the best ever. no joke.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I don't really know what to write for this post.
I do know this though:
  • more LARGE changes are coming for our little 4 person family.
  • We will be strong enough to handle all of it.
  • It will come to a comfortable place at sometime.
  • We won't always feel overextended in our time and/or work.
  • We will be okay.

That's about all I can say for our changes to come right now.

on a positive note I am starting interviews for salons :) it will be fun to be in a salon again. It will be hard to stay on top of being a wife, a mom, and a housekeeper...(lol...I never clean anyway so maybe it won't be much of a change for being a housekeeper.) Definitely very different working that much (I'm looking to be working about 4 days/week) but it will be good for our family. This is what jack and I KNOW is right for our family right now. and I'll be darned if I'm going to say NO to promptings while in the temple.

hope you have a good week! I'll let you know when I have any more news.



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