Monday, August 31, 2009


So I've got a little less to change lately...corban's potty training- and doing really quite well. It's been about 6 days now and he's getting used to the whole bit. 1 & 2 on the potty are now old hat and he goes without me asking. I just hope it sticks. There are many changes to come, but we'll take it all in stride.
ps. I read a few choice chapters in the book of mormon the other day- Alma chapters 32-34. Faith building anyone???

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ready? get set. Vent.

So I'm going to start this blog up again...don't roll your eyes- I just feel like it.
Some of what we've been doing the last 6 months??? Lets go through my planner.
March: New baby gabe. Doing hair, Jack working and doing scouts, Grandpa Romney died, Grandpa Romney's Funeral and Viewing, Dr. appointments for all, and Gabe's blessing.
April: 2 mo old Gabe, Hair, Jack working @ knight, Centerville stake performance, General Conference, Hair, Andrea's baptism, Easter, Scouts for jack, Square foot garden class, Gabe having problems on his formula- can't get a hold of dr office, feeding the missionaries, Buy a couch, making a square foot garden, Jack on a camp out, fix dryer, Viewmont Orchestra concert.
May: Gabe 3 mo, Hair, wedding reception, Updo's for prom, 4 yr wedding anniversary dinner,

*The slide show isn't working for some reason- but you can click on the "view all images" to see them on, sorry, I'm just as perplexed as you are.*

Container Garden shopping for relief society, surprise party for shavonne, Perm, speak in sacrament meeting, Ben's birthday, Visiting Teaching, Vegas Vacation for our anniversary.
June: Gabe 4 mo, Mom's birthday, Jack works a weekend, Girls day @ tina's, gospel principles lesson, Park ward enrichment night- card making, Daniels birthday, Larsen Family Reunion in Idaho Falls, Podiatrist apt for stupid toe... times 3, My birthday (jack even through me a surprise luau party that was to die for!!!) Transformers 2, Hair, Wedding style, Wedding reception, Hair color, Heather and Jeremy visit with the kids :) , teach gospel principles class
July: Gabe 5 mo, help with Temple open house twice, Jack works a weekend, Dinner party for "what's for dinner" cook book, Yellowstone road trip for the first Anderson Fam. Reunion:

*Again the slides are working, try the view all images button. I don't know what's going on. oh the joy's of blogging I remember so fondly...or not.*

more Hair and waxing, help with magna stake float for day's of '47 parade, bake for funeral, Yard Sale-ing! (found: an art table/desk for corban, mirrors, chairs, toys for boys, clothes for boys), Parade, Fireworks, teach gospel principles class, visiting teacher came, go to temple open house, Pool party with braden and tina ruined by me: fatigued to the point of almost passing out, eyes not focusing, constant nausea, and dizziness.
August (so far): Spray painting mirrors {come get your hair done to see for yourself :) } Organizing the front room, the basement, and the rest of the house, Gabe 6 mo (on the 16) Corban=one sick puppy (possibly strep- but then got a negative test result) Gabe=another sick puppy (explosive diapers if you catch my drift) then vomiting three days later (my wonderful neighbor florence came and took corban for me {because he wouldn't stop looking at all the vomit everywhere so he was about to be sick} and that allowed me to get myself and gabe all cleaned up) Jack's now sick as a dog with whatever it was that corban had, I'm sick too but that's nothing-I gotta keep going. My mom came over to rescue me from the MOUNTAIN of laundry and all the sickies- she brought cafe rio and helped with organizing and laundry and corban and gabe! what a life saver!

That's about it for now. I'm done venting. maybe I'll add photos maybe not... we'll see.

The Larsens