Sunday, June 8, 2008


and I say Hallelujah again! yay for corban's first week in nursery!! He loved it! I walked in with him, he went straight over and started playing with the kids right off the bat. Wouldn't even say good bye, just wanted to keep playing. Then, before I knew it church was over and it was time to pick him up! They said he did great, and they wished every little kid's first nursery day was the same! he only cried once the whole time and that was because he fell onto a corner of something. then he stopped really quickly and was ready to play again. Ya hoo! is all I can say about that right??? anyway, ya'll need to come visit me at work, I'll send out post cards too to let you know where it is exactly. I love this salon. last week was my first week (thus the lack of posts) and it was so great. It's a really really great atmosphere, half of the ladies there are carrying on conversations about church and their missionary sons and all sorts of good things. Nothing that's embarassing, or degrading to listen to. It's very refreshing to say the least. everything else is going well, jack still loves his work, corban is really enjoying the cute girls (and boys for that matter) that come to babysit him.

The Larsens