Wednesday, June 30, 2010

what a wonderful thing.

I LOVE it when you have some sort of ailment or pain in the rear...(mine being pregnancy & not letting me eat pizza or doughnuts) and there's a medication out there that fixes it! I absolutely positively am grateful for medicine. I'm grateful for the people that devote their time, energy, and resources to making it progress. I am especially grateful for whoever figured out that taking Unisom and Vitamin B6 combined at night would combat nausea the following day! Who'da thunk ya know??? a sleeping aid coupled with a specific vitamin? anyway- I was able to enjoy my nachos during Eclipse tonight thanks to this mix. So thank you Internet void-if you know the person that came up with that duo- give them some good luck for me. :)

Just in case you're wondering what I could have possibly eaten without pizza or doughnuts...I consumed a crunch wrap supreme and a seven layer burrito. with FOUR packets of their tasty mild sauce. in one sitting. no joking. it's a Mexican baby.

and ps. eclipse was...good....had a lot of making out....lots of action...lots of bare man chest...and was pretty true to the book. I'd give it a strong B+ or A-. For those of you that like the twilight business. ;)

Monday, June 28, 2010


this baby doesn't like pizza, breadsticks, doughnuts, or MAC & me. someone. PLEASE. help. me.

I'll just go die in a whole now. I might bring my cell phone- text me if you find a cure.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

*warning* complain & vent post to follow.

okay so lately I've been wanting to change my look up a bit. Tried doing a dark purpley color- it was fun for about a week. I wanted a change of shape to my hair- some texture and such. So in the spirit of trying to not bug my mom for another hair change (she's usually the wonderful sport to put up with me saying: "cut this hair here, this way, hold your hand this way..." yada yada.) I have a mega nasty cold that I hate and had cancelled a hair color appointment because I didn't want to get her sick. I had time, a babysitter, and all I needed was an appointment. I texted my cousin to see which girl she visits at a salon she loves. I didn't get a message back until after I *thought* I'd remembered the name and made an appointment at the WRONG SALON and left without getting her reply. (which was totally not her fault- she's working not staring at her phone waiting for me to text her...)
The salon I went to seemed cute/trendy/punky. The girl seemed nice. I told her- "I'm growing it out, it needs a new shape, and some texture so I can continue to grow it out, I don't want to lose tons of length but I'm pretty open to options." So she starts hacking away. Huge pieces of my hair fall to the floor. Needless to say I hate it. I hate what she did to my hair. She chopped CHUNKS out of my freaking hair. I have little chunky long pieces and short pieces ALL OVER. Example of what I'm talking about: I come home and ask corban how he likes my crazy new cut. He responds: "it's cute. I like it. Oh, but she missed some back here- you need to cut that." (while he tenderly grabs the piece he wants me to cut off so I'm sure not to miss what he's saying) it looks like the way a 16 yr old emo kid would want their hair cut. you know? something that I would talk you OUT of doing??? So frustrating.
For me, cutting hair is easy. I like making people feel confident about their hair and how they look. It's easy for me to look at a face shape and know what will help and what will hurt them from achieving their ideal look. I hate it when it's not easy for someone else. I hate it that I can't just do my own hair so I don't have to mess with psycho's that don't know what they're doing *trying* to be artsy on my head rather than doing something that is a hairstyle I can be proud of. agh. I'll post pictures I guess- it's just that terrible...

Do you see the two chunks haning down the two sides of my neck???

nice. not.

what the eff is that???

vent over.

P.S. my mom's coming out to help me fix the issue on top of my shoulders. aka: my hair style?? plan on seeing me with short choppy pixie cut again because this cruddy style isn't going to fly. Bon Voyage ugly.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My sweet Gabe. I love my Gabe. He's a laugh a minute. And usually surprising me just as often when he lets us see little glimpses of just how smart he is. He doesn't talk much. well...let me rephrase- doesn't talk in English much. He definitely talks- it isn't just always English. He's very very musical. He copies tones he hears in phrases and repeats those tones when he wants to use that same phrase. One of his big ones he likes is saying "Don't Touch" and shaking his fist at you or pointing angrily at you. He also does some great baby cussing...shouts complete non-sense but you know he's trying to swear at you ha ha.

The reason for this post, however, is his latest completely shocking progression. Yesterday while cleaning up from our California trip I heard Gabe go into the bathroom and move the toilet seat.(Oh no.) I rush in there but while I'm turning the corner I hear him moving corban's bathroom stool. He had lifted the toilet seat (both the lid and seat) and moved the stool up in front of the toilet like corban does when he needs to pee. Gabe was trying to climb up onto the stool to stand in front of the toilet. HE WAS TRYING TO PEE IN THE TOILET! let me remind you that boys are usually potty train around 3 yrs old. Corban was younger because he saw his cousin go standing up and wanted to do it that way too. Gabe is 16 months old. I thought maybe this was just a one time thing but later in the evening we went up to my folks house to celebrate fathers day with my dad since we were out of town and he did it again!!! oh man. now if he just figures out what it feels like when he needs to pee....we'll be in business. well- he'll be in business. who knows- maybe potty training this little guy will be easy. **thinking positively**

Saturday, June 12, 2010

P.S. I love doing hair.

have I mentioned that I love what I do??? Because I do. I really really do. I counted in my phone book how many clients I've got- it's around 40!! Here's why I love it:
  • I love talking with people
  • I really like hearing about their problems (sounds weird but hear me out. I like it for two reasons: both to help-let them get it out, and keep my life in perspective)
  • I enjoy getting to know NEW people!
  • I LOVE getting to make someone feel good about themselves!!
  • I HAVE to be able to make my own schedule.
  • I can change my schedule around what my family needs are in a moments notice (because I have the best clientelle on the face of the planet)
  • I get to be a mom~AND~a hair magician.


now I just need a hair sink...

Friday, June 4, 2010

amanda's amazing diet.

So in the past couple weeks I've had a major nasty stomach flu and a major case of strep. When I'm sick I don't eat. When I'm starting to feel better, I don't feel like eating so portions are extremely small. It usually takes me about a week to get back to eating everything in sight again. So lets do the math: in may I got the stomach flu shortly after my boys had it.

It emptied out my entire body of any food that had or hadn't been eaten in the last week. the next week I was starting to eat agian. the week after that was so busy I recall missing more than one meal. The week after that was even more busy meaning missing even more meals-but when I did eat it wasn't nutricious at all. That following weekend (memorial day weekend) I got strep- really really awesomelly bad strep.

Agian- I survive on about 500-900 calroies/day when I get sick. Now I am just not ready to eat much again.
Last night was Daniel's high school graduation from Viewmont High School. (WAY TO GO DANIEL!!!)
I didn't know what to wear. I decided to look in a part of my closet that contains random peices of clothing such as maternity, WAY too small to ever fit in again, and stuff that isn't my favorite and should probably go to DI. Just because I'm a glutton for punishment I decided to try on my skirt that I wore as a going away outfit after my wedding. Let me remind you of the fact that I was working at Express and had access to really cute- really tiny clothes for a fraction of the regular price. Lo and behold it fit. The stinking cute skirt fit! an express size 2!!! I was pretty proud. for a second. then I realized how unhealthy my lifestyle has been for the past month. Sad. 5 years + two kids/pregnancies and the way I get back into this cute thing is by getting ill and starving. Lame. So all in all I feel like I need to eat healthier, put good in, get good out sort of thing. Also I want to start doing really active things with the kids this summer! walks! Parks! zoos! that sort of thing. no more starving because "I don't have time". Scouts honor. even though it was fun to wear that cute skirt agian.

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