Friday, June 4, 2010

amanda's amazing diet.

So in the past couple weeks I've had a major nasty stomach flu and a major case of strep. When I'm sick I don't eat. When I'm starting to feel better, I don't feel like eating so portions are extremely small. It usually takes me about a week to get back to eating everything in sight again. So lets do the math: in may I got the stomach flu shortly after my boys had it.

It emptied out my entire body of any food that had or hadn't been eaten in the last week. the next week I was starting to eat agian. the week after that was so busy I recall missing more than one meal. The week after that was even more busy meaning missing even more meals-but when I did eat it wasn't nutricious at all. That following weekend (memorial day weekend) I got strep- really really awesomelly bad strep.

Agian- I survive on about 500-900 calroies/day when I get sick. Now I am just not ready to eat much again.
Last night was Daniel's high school graduation from Viewmont High School. (WAY TO GO DANIEL!!!)
I didn't know what to wear. I decided to look in a part of my closet that contains random peices of clothing such as maternity, WAY too small to ever fit in again, and stuff that isn't my favorite and should probably go to DI. Just because I'm a glutton for punishment I decided to try on my skirt that I wore as a going away outfit after my wedding. Let me remind you of the fact that I was working at Express and had access to really cute- really tiny clothes for a fraction of the regular price. Lo and behold it fit. The stinking cute skirt fit! an express size 2!!! I was pretty proud. for a second. then I realized how unhealthy my lifestyle has been for the past month. Sad. 5 years + two kids/pregnancies and the way I get back into this cute thing is by getting ill and starving. Lame. So all in all I feel like I need to eat healthier, put good in, get good out sort of thing. Also I want to start doing really active things with the kids this summer! walks! Parks! zoos! that sort of thing. no more starving because "I don't have time". Scouts honor. even though it was fun to wear that cute skirt agian.


Emily said...

There's nothing like a little gut rot to get your figure back!! j/k

But seriously, it IS a nice perk of being sick! Congrats on the size 2 - that's AMAZING, sick or not!!

Amanda said...

Call me anytime you want to get out - maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere! I'm trying to walk my baby tummy off at places other than the mall!

Holli said...

Well, congrats on fitting into the super cute skirt! Although starving and sickness isn't the best method for that!:) We would totally be up for parks, zoo, walks, whatever, if you'd ever want to go!

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