Friday, December 3, 2010

Making a Metaphore

So there's been a random comment rattling around my brain lately. I recall when I was in high school that a friend of mine said after her driver's ed class: "Man I HATE left turns. They're too scary. I'm going to make as few left turns as possible." I'm not kidding. She was really going to try to live life making as few left turns as possible. Granted, this was high school and we all know how wise high school students are- but really? As I've thought about this strange comment that came to memory the last week I've realized that most of us live like this to some extent. "I'm not going to the dentist- it will hurt to fill a cavity." or "I don't want to go to the dr because they'll swab my throat and that hurts." Even though in those cases- a cavity or strep throat causes us much more pain than actually dealing with it. How many places in our own lives can we apply this to???

I know I definitely try to avoid painful things- I'm like rex from toy story: "I can't handle confrontation!" Things in life that are confrontational scare me-they totally throw off my groove so to speak. I stress about it day and night. I try my best to handle them the best way I can to get back to being in a non confrontational situation.

As of late there have been two situations that have been exactly this type of situation. It's eating me alive to know that these things aren't resolved yet! Both of these situations shouldn't be an issue in the first place but some how or another are trying to make life miserable. I've tried to resolve both of these issues head on to get out of the confrontation stage with no success. So head on didn't work- then what do I do? I don't want this to be the "left turn" I'm avoiding or something. I want to deal with it. any advice?

While you're thinking of great advice to give me let me clue you in on a little side note I realized today. I'm a better mommy when we eat doughnuts for lunch. True story. I think it has something to do with the fact that the boys feel so much more generous with nice comments when we have doughnuts for lunch. That in turn makes me a nicer mommy. How could you get frustrated with anything in life when your toddlers say on the way home from Reams: "oh mom, you're the best! I can smell those yummy fudgey doughnuts!" You can't. My boys are definitely my favorite blessings in life *including jack and this new baby girl of course* I was going to add a picture of the boys in their matching red jammies the other night after their bath but I can't find the camera- remind me and I'll do it later.

So those are my two thoughts for the day: Do I avoid making that left turn now? and I'm a better mommy when we eat doughnuts for lunch.

The Larsens