Friday, January 29, 2010

Here's the plan for the "kick off party"

Let's not do a party tomorrow night (saturday, jan 30). Let's all just EMAIL in your commitments to how many days per week, and length of time for our work outs. If you don't want to email them to me- comment on this blog post. We will START doing our workout commitments as of FEB 1 2010!!! I vote we go with simple rules to start and maybe a week or two in we could have a msn messenger chat or something where we can discuss things we'd like to change. So the starting rules are as follows:

  • Make a WRITTEN/TYPED commitment. Send it in to me. Post it up in your house so you remember what you've commited to.
  • Start/KEEP exercising!
  • If you commit to three days a week- it doesn't matter if you squeeze them all in thurs, fri, and sat. Just as long as it is 3 SEPARATE work out days. (I don't think just doubling up on your time one day should count as two days.)
  • Each Saturday night or sunday email me how many days you missed and I'll keep track on an xcel spread sheet.
  • Each day you miss you need to put $.50 into a jar, cup, baggie whatever, just as long as you put it someplace where you can't dip into it. Mark it so you don't forget what it's for, and your family doesn't use it for other things.
  • (have I missed anything??? add some in the comments if I have...)

Let me know when you'd like to hold a night chat via msn messenger or facebook or something so we can tap out other rules. Thanks for being with me on changing nights or something. I just couldn't pull it together for tomorrow. :)

okay. let the stressing continue...

I've gotten way over my head this week. lots and lots and lots of things to do and not enough time to do them. Thus bringing me to a *kinda* sad announcement: I don't think I can bring myself to host the kick off party saturday @ 7. Especially if only 4 people are coming... So here's my proposal: Either someone else host that night, or we just email in our commitment for exercising and have a big party after we've been going for one month. These are the options. However if more than 4 people respond to this post saying that they were planning on coming I'll make it work ANYWAY. So either tell me "yes I was planning on coming and I was bringing... X number of people with me" (also kids are totally welcome to come and we'll put them someplace with a movie while we talk) or "I'll host!" or "let's do it in a month after we've started" Thanks :) {just so you're aware, my saturday will start at 8:00 am and go until after a party is over if we have one....kinda long day at the end of a LONG week...anywho- I love a good party so if people were actually planning on it I'll DO IT :) }

Monday, January 25, 2010

aw moments.

Corban has his bad moments, and his "aw he's so cute I could just eat him up" moments. Tonight for family night he had a few of both. (and I'm not blogging about family night like we do it every week- we try but to no avail.) Anywho- we went to burger king (on a gift card from tj *thanks*) for some dinner. There was this totally adorable homely couple that looked to be in their 60's that were completely taken with our two boys. We kept hearing them giggle across the restaraunt when our boys were doing some of their regular cute things. Take for instance the fact that both of them will dance to background music no matter the setting or the song. Gabe does baby signs for more food, but if you don't notice and act quickly enough he squeels and balls his fists like "oooo I'm soo frustrated but I'm still a happy guy". Corban would occasionally smile at them, and make cute faces in their general direction. After we finished eating we came home and had some ice cream cones with carmel and hot fudge. Before we started our little lesson from a former Friend issue we asked Corban if he'd say our prayer for family night. It went something like this: "Heavenly Father, thank you for the sprite, thank you for the mohawks, ...and thank you that we could smash our mohawks and go like this (he shook his head all over for that part), and thank you for family night..." And those were his aww moments for the evening. Now I have to add the mohawk pictures from saturday night so you can understand why they were participants in Corban's prayer. Trust me- sometimes I think my boys really Deserve?? a mohawk considering their attitudes and behaviors- and to top that Corban requests one quite regularly. That being said- here are the pics of the boys' snazzy do's on satruday night

***I wrote this jan 25th but my computer won't download the no pics until I figure that out sorry****

Thursday, January 21, 2010

a shout out.

I don't know if this post will make any sense but I'm making it anyway. here goes.
I'd NEVER had a full on legitimate massage. I got a gift card for one when I got married but the ladies massage parlor went belly up before I took the opportunity to go get one. I've always been kinda iffy about getting a massage. Lets face it- I always looked at it kinda like a "naked blind date". scary. I'm writing this post to correct my past thoughts about massage publicly! I had the privilege of getting a massage tonight. My friend Kellie is a massage therapist and we decided that I'd do her hair and she'd do a massage as a trade. I was less than....enthused about the whole naked + touching part...can you say awkward? I don't really make appointments with my OB/GYN for fun. nudity isn't my idea of a good time with other people around. Let me say this: the massage was TOTALLY UN-AWKWARD!!!! AND SOOOOO WONDERFUL!!!!! I will now explain why it isn't awkward, and why others out there that would be uncomfortable about the idea of getting a massage could possibly try one out.
  • Your butt crack is never visible! (believe me, I was worried about this one for some reason. ) Only one "side cheek" is visible at any given time.
  • Your front torso is never visible! Promise.
  • You're totally covered except like one limb at a time- so you're all toasty warm under a blanket.
  • It's not some silent ceremony where you have to not talk or joke around. It's fun and comfortable.
  • You control how hard the massage is- it's sooooo relaxing.
  • Totally worth it.

Now here's my plug for Kellie!!! :)

She's AMAZING. So talented for sure. She used to work up in Park City at a day spa where clients would tell her that she was the best massage therapist they've ever had. That coming from people that can afford to get pricey massages all the time is a HUGE compliment and now I know why!!! She makes you so relaxed and even for someone perceiving the experience to be a "naked blind date" at first. She reminds you to breathe deeply so you're relaxed and so that the massage is doing the best that it can for you. She has a huge selection of music to play and nice candles and YUMMY eucalyptus oil. She has one of those nifty soft cushy massage tables. So comfortable. You must call her if you have any desire to have a massage. Even if it's just a back, neck and shoulder one!!! For the full body one that I received it is $45. An hour of bliss for just $45. A total steal. When she was up in Park City a one hour massage would have cost you an arm, your first born child, your pet, and the title to your car. Please Please Please let me know if you're interested! Make a comment on my blog and I'll get her in touch with you. Really. totally worth every cent.

***VALENTINES DAY is only 1 month away. you'd totally score points with a massage!!!!****

Seriously. You need one.

( For those of you that have seen the movie Benchwarmers I feel like Howie {the guy that's scared of the sun} at the end where he steps up to the microphone to say: "I used to think the sun was bad. But it's not! IT'S NOT A MONSTER!!")


corban's trying to give up reaction???


the end.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kick off party!

Okay. kick off party. my place. jan. 30. 7 pm. we can discuss rules, make our commitments, talk about exercise ideas, and get started! PLEASE RSVP to my email or call me. if you don't have those options then write a comment saying so and I'll call you. can rsvp'ing get any easier???

Also, coming sooner than the kick off party: girls night at my place this next fri jan 22 starting at 8:45 going until the last crafter wants to go home. that's right- as late as you want to craft is fine! whether that's 2 am or 4 am I'm game. Bring your own supplies to work on whatever you want to work on. I don't care if it's an actual craft, scrapbooking, card making, sewing... whatever. Just come in comfy clothes and enjoy yourself. I'll have some snacks and possibly make crepes around midnight. You need to let me know if you can come (I don't care if you can't come until midnight- you're still welcome ;) ) so I can have enough crafting space set up. You're also welcome to just come and socialize I'll probably set up a classic chick flick in the family room.

Let me know for both parties whether you're game or not please.
ps hubbies, friends and the like are all invited to the kick off party for exercise pact folks, just make sure you rsvp for them as well :)

does it seem like I have an addiction to hosting parties?? should I be seeking medical attention for this disorder? just saying...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I feel impressed to share.

I know I already posted something earlier this evening but I feel like I need to make this post. It's one I've wanted to make several different times but I'd never acted upon it. So here it goes:

Things they never told you about being a mom...
  • You WILL at one time or multiple times have these bodily fluids on your person: Drool, Poop (many different forms), Pee (obviously if you have a boy), Throw up, snot, Drool, and blood sometimes (lets face it, heads bleed lots and it seems kids like to bonk their heads).
  • You WONT get another sick day for as long as you live unless someone else steps up to the plate and volunteers to give you one! (surround yourself will good friends and family as a support system for when you do need to ask for a sick day)
  • You will eventually understand why you need to date your spouse regularly.
  • Your hygiene will take the back seat many many many times to actually making it someplace on time.
  • Your hair and make up time will somehow be able to get done at warp speed after much practice. That's if you are wanting to even put it on which sometimes is a few and far between occurrence.
  • You will crave a hot meal. Especially the ones that you've worked hard on to prepare.
  • You will have a hard time balancing cleaning, cooking, laundry (ohhh the laundry) and making time for a spouse. Forget time for you. That would be a luxury.
  • You will be happier than you've ever imagined.
  • You will have to have "frank" discussions about middle grounds for discipline and rewards between how both spouses were raised. Sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny or fun.
  • You will have no money for the rest of your life. You may think you have money because your bank account may have some figures in it- but it's not your money. It's your kids money. Money for doctors visits and toys and clothes and food. Lots and lots of food.
  • You may get to the point where you will want to get away from the house just to go to the gym and punch a bag. That's normal.
  • You should probably invest in Excedrin for all the headaches. Whether they are from stress, or from shouting kids, or from having too much fun outside when it's cold. You will have headaches.
  • You will laugh at more things that a proper young lady would have never laughed at.
  • You will hurt if your kids are hurting.
  • Your kids will cry if you cry.
  • Laughter really is the best medicine.
  • No one is the center of the universe.
  • You will have to be the bad guy sometimes. It hurts only for a second then you realize you did it for their own good. Whether it's you holding them down for shots, or taking away a toy for being naughty. You are supposed to be their parent-not their best friend.
  • You will worry for nights when you're waiting up for them after their first date even though that's YEARS away.
  • You will lose sleep. lots. and lots. and lots. of sleep.
  • If you are shy- you will learn to be strong when it comes to the care of your child.
  • You will gain weight. You will lose weight.
  • You WILL get stretch marks. rubbing stuff on the outside of your skin won't fix them.
  • Boys get..."excited" as infants. believe it-who'd have known.
  • Boys are fun- girls might be fun too I just can't tell you that from personal experience ;)
  • Learn to laugh at messes, hang ups, and changes in plans. They happen frequently.
  • You'll love it. maybe not every single second. But you will love it.
  • There's not a pet on the planet that can replace the love and affection you get from a child.
  • Children are miracles- they're cute because if they weren't you'd get angry at them more frequently.

I am not writing these things to scare anyone off from being a mommy. I'm writing it for my own venting, remembrance, and journaling. Being a mother is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. It was a choice-it didn't just happen, and it wasn't just something that sounded fun. I think that is a huge portion of feeling good about being a parent. It has to be a choice that you are happy with. If it is something that was an "oops" I know that I would have a hard time with copping in that situation and I'm glad that someone up stairs knows that. I am so blessed with the two sweetest children ever. Corban makes me laugh every single day regardless of what else is going on in our crazy house hold. Gabe is absolutely brilliant. They both are so musically talented it's unfathomable. If a musical commercial plays on tv they can sing the tune back after hearing it just once. Gabe drops everything to listen and dance to music. He does this really really cute little bounce when he's dancing. You can't help but bounce right along with him. I love being a mom and I hope everyone else that is blessed with children knows that it is just that- a blessing. gnight.


this was a portion of an email that I just read. I loved it.

"We are in an age when media puts into our heads the idea that only skinny people are beautiful, but I prefer to enjoy an ice cream with my kids, a good dinner with someone who makes me shiver, and a piece of chocolate with my friends.
With time, we gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy.
Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, "Good grief, look how smart I am!" "

That being said (or quoted), I still want to feel in shape enough to play hard with my boys and not get too worn out or tired too quickly. Considering the fact that I have two boys and that jack would love nothing more to be a part of sporting with those two boys I better work on this before they can out run me and such don't you think???
Today jack surprised me by coming home for lunch with me. While we were talking as a family corban said "I wanna play Basketball! and I wanna play Football!" This was not because we asked him, it's just that he likes the idea of playing these sports he sees every now and then. We asked him next if he'd like to play other things like soccer, badminton, and chess and he said he wanted to play all of those too. Now how am I supposed to pick something for him to do as an outlet???

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exercise pact continued!!!

Okay, some have said they're interested, some have said they're not. I'm going to put out an open invite to the kick off night so you can come cast your vote on rules and such.
That being said some of the things that have been brought to my attention is this:
First Point: People are getting deterred from participating because they don't want to commit to working out as long or as often as some others in the group. That is so NOT what this group is about. This group is not about comparing weight loss goal, exercise goals, love handle size, or stretch marks. Their goals are their goals. If they want to make a 6 day a week 2 hours/day commitment, that's their funeral. I personally will only be committing to exercising 3 days/week, for 30 min. That's all I have time or desire for. That should not influence anyone else's exercising.
Second point: I think that if someone wants to be a part of this group they need to commit to at least one day a week for 15 min- THATS THE MINIMUM. This is an exercise pact. We need to all have that common goal so we're working together. I don't really care if people count parking out in the boonies for grocery shopping and the grocery shopping (the walking part) takes another 10 min and that's their total 15 min that day. That's walking. That's exercising. We're not going to qualify what counts as exercise and what doesn't. I'm no health expert but you know for yourself when you feel as though your heart rate's going.
Third point: Please Please Please don't commit to toooooo much exercising! I'm not trying to start this group as a means of more income. Each person will contribute to the SAME pot on the add it up parties. There will not be separate pots for separate groups of people that exercise more or less during the weeks. You will be welcome to commit to more days and longer times if you feel like you're not working hard enough but I wouldn't call it fair to let you decrease your days or times.
Fourth point: I think the amount of money that goes into the pot needs to be the same for the whole group, but the amount is up for debate. I picked $.50 to make it plausible for those of us with other monetary goals this year as well as make it something that if you miss 6 workouts a month it will be enough of a hurt to your spending money a little in order to make you not want to miss again. Hopefully none of us will be losing much money, but we'll feel great giving our 1 or two bucks to someone that worked hard and didn't miss as many days.
As for using a cold as an excuse for missing: I read on Jillian Michaels web site once that it's totally okay to exercise when you have any sickness lungs and up. Ex: head cold, cough, flu. Anytime your illness goes beyond your chest down into your abdomen Ex: stomach, intestines; you should take some time off exercising. For those that miss because of illness (throwing up or Dia...) I think there should be a possibility for make up the rest of the month (this is also up for vote).
We will all make our commitments at the kick off party. Please let me know if you would like to attend the kick off. Either via email or phone. If you don't have that info tell me and I'll get that to you :) Good luck. I hope none of this came across abrasively, I just want to make sure that it's all fair to everyone and anyone feels welcome.

Friday, January 8, 2010

We have a walker here folks...

And not only that, lately he's been climbing like a monkey. My mom stood behind him as he climbed the full set of stairs up at the cabin over new years...and he's hooked. He'll move the stool in corban's room up to the bed so he can try to climb onto corban's bed. be afraid for me. and pray lots. and lots. Mostly so I don't lose my mind. thanks in advance.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Exercise Pact:

while I was in the shower this is what was thinking: "I wanna get in shape, but I won't do it without help-so I want people to do it with me". Then I thought "what is going to make other people want to do something??" The answer is (a lot of the time) $$$$ ha ha.... here's the plan:

  • Everyone that wants to be a part of it is welcome (your family, friends, bank tellers, really anyone)
  • Everyone that is participating has to put down in writing how many days per week they will exercise, as well as how long they will exercise for each day.
  • At the end of the week you add up how many days you missed, each missed day= $.50. You put your money from missed days in a safe place like a jar (hopefully it's not much)
  • At the end of the MONTH everyone participating comes to my house for an ADD IT UP party where we all fork over the the cash and give the jar-O-$$$ to whoever missed the least # of workouts. Hooray! If it's a tie they'll split it. If no one missed any workouts I'll be happy to add some freebie hair services to the jar for the next months' winner :) And we'll all have a party where we allow some splurging on a few goodies and reward our good behavior.
  • I'm also open to having a kick off night where we go over rules and have a meet n greet.
  • Sound good???

Here are some of the suggestions for other rules I'll put to a vote:

  • A set # of months to start with to see how it goes, and reevaluate from there
  • One set email to send weekly Hit's and Misses for everyones tallies on their workouts. That way we can keep track of who's missed the least for the add it up party so we don't have to count tooooo much change ;)
  • If you can't make it to the add it up party you can mail/deliver a check and we'll get it cashed and added in.
  • If you aren't going to be honest about what you've missed, don't sign up.
  • Don't agree to work out more days than you really can so you don't get in over your head
  • If you miss a day can you make it up later in that same week??? (example: your workout plan is mon, wed, thurs for 25 min but you missed mon, can you make it up on friday or saturday???) {this is in question form so it can be decided on by the majority vote}
  • Get spouses involved- the more support the better we'll ALL do!
  • Anyone else that has specialties to donate when we all make it a month of no misses should feel free to add to the prize pot.

The real goal here is to make people accountable for more than just "missing a workout" Those of us that would like to get in shape need a little support to do so, and I don't think it just belongs to super obese people that make it onto the biggest loser. So lets make this group happen.


Random things to say:

  • Corban has nightmares TONS ( like me unfortunately)
  • I love when gabe wakes up because he snuggles your face. He puts his cheek against mine and makes a little cooing noise.
  • I don't want jack to get overworked. Between long work hours (6:30am-5:45pm ish) and elders q. pres. and me being a slacker, he might if I don't pick up the pace.
  • Corban is hilarious.
  • Gabe wants to climb on everything.
  • Yes, I am, in fact, losing my stinkin mind.
  • I'm going to go find a job at a salon.
  • I hate being sick.
  • I hate when my kids are sick even more than I hate getting sick.
  • I love snuggling my two yahoos in my bed in the morning when they wake up too early to start the day.
  • I love our portable dvd player- totally worth it.
  • the wii game system does in fact work you out. Whether you feel it now or later is the only discrepancy.
  • my arms hurt from playing the wii with corban.
  • Corban bowls a 126 in bowling on the wii.
  • I scrubbed corban's wall next to his bed today- the dirty foot prints all over are now gone.
  • This is corban's new favorite video: Pocket full of H's he said: "Hey mom! its a letter song!!!"
  • I'm going to actually achieve my new year's resolutions! (or try really hard)
  • I want to start an exercise pact so to speak. I'll write more about that one in a separate post.
  • Me and Corban and Gabe are addicted to watching the electric company. Give it a try. You'll love it. Promise. it's silly, educational, entertaining, and funny.
  • I think that's it for now. check out my resolutions on the side bar and we'll see how I'm progressing.

You're welcome to comment on my dumb post if you wanna. wink wink. nudge nudge.

The Larsens