Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kick off party!

Okay. kick off party. my place. jan. 30. 7 pm. we can discuss rules, make our commitments, talk about exercise ideas, and get started! PLEASE RSVP to my email or call me. if you don't have those options then write a comment saying so and I'll call you. can rsvp'ing get any easier???

Also, coming sooner than the kick off party: girls night at my place this next fri jan 22 starting at 8:45 going until the last crafter wants to go home. that's right- as late as you want to craft is fine! whether that's 2 am or 4 am I'm game. Bring your own supplies to work on whatever you want to work on. I don't care if it's an actual craft, scrapbooking, card making, sewing... whatever. Just come in comfy clothes and enjoy yourself. I'll have some snacks and possibly make crepes around midnight. You need to let me know if you can come (I don't care if you can't come until midnight- you're still welcome ;) ) so I can have enough crafting space set up. You're also welcome to just come and socialize I'll probably set up a classic chick flick in the family room.

Let me know for both parties whether you're game or not please.
ps hubbies, friends and the like are all invited to the kick off party for exercise pact folks, just make sure you rsvp for them as well :)

does it seem like I have an addiction to hosting parties?? should I be seeking medical attention for this disorder? just saying...


The Robinsons said...

Ha - I have done that same thing with other peeps blogs (backgrounds the same). I am always like should I change mine, then it is like nay, we can share! I need to catch up on your blog - bravo for staying so much on top of things with it!

Tina said...

You do like to host partys... but you are also THE BEST at hostessing! YOU ROCK! Gotta check the calendar and then I will be letting you know on both parties!

Stacie Rowley said...

I will be there for sure, to both of them. I need to think about what my goals will be for my pact. Good thing I have about 2 weeks. Cant wait for craft night. I need to get things together for that!

The Larsens