Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I feel impressed to share.

I know I already posted something earlier this evening but I feel like I need to make this post. It's one I've wanted to make several different times but I'd never acted upon it. So here it goes:

Things they never told you about being a mom...
  • You WILL at one time or multiple times have these bodily fluids on your person: Drool, Poop (many different forms), Pee (obviously if you have a boy), Throw up, snot, Drool, and blood sometimes (lets face it, heads bleed lots and it seems kids like to bonk their heads).
  • You WONT get another sick day for as long as you live unless someone else steps up to the plate and volunteers to give you one! (surround yourself will good friends and family as a support system for when you do need to ask for a sick day)
  • You will eventually understand why you need to date your spouse regularly.
  • Your hygiene will take the back seat many many many times to actually making it someplace on time.
  • Your hair and make up time will somehow be able to get done at warp speed after much practice. That's if you are wanting to even put it on which sometimes is a few and far between occurrence.
  • You will crave a hot meal. Especially the ones that you've worked hard on to prepare.
  • You will have a hard time balancing cleaning, cooking, laundry (ohhh the laundry) and making time for a spouse. Forget time for you. That would be a luxury.
  • You will be happier than you've ever imagined.
  • You will have to have "frank" discussions about middle grounds for discipline and rewards between how both spouses were raised. Sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny or fun.
  • You will have no money for the rest of your life. You may think you have money because your bank account may have some figures in it- but it's not your money. It's your kids money. Money for doctors visits and toys and clothes and food. Lots and lots of food.
  • You may get to the point where you will want to get away from the house just to go to the gym and punch a bag. That's normal.
  • You should probably invest in Excedrin for all the headaches. Whether they are from stress, or from shouting kids, or from having too much fun outside when it's cold. You will have headaches.
  • You will laugh at more things that a proper young lady would have never laughed at.
  • You will hurt if your kids are hurting.
  • Your kids will cry if you cry.
  • Laughter really is the best medicine.
  • No one is the center of the universe.
  • You will have to be the bad guy sometimes. It hurts only for a second then you realize you did it for their own good. Whether it's you holding them down for shots, or taking away a toy for being naughty. You are supposed to be their parent-not their best friend.
  • You will worry for nights when you're waiting up for them after their first date even though that's YEARS away.
  • You will lose sleep. lots. and lots. and lots. of sleep.
  • If you are shy- you will learn to be strong when it comes to the care of your child.
  • You will gain weight. You will lose weight.
  • You WILL get stretch marks. rubbing stuff on the outside of your skin won't fix them.
  • Boys get..."excited" as infants. believe it-who'd have known.
  • Boys are fun- girls might be fun too I just can't tell you that from personal experience ;)
  • Learn to laugh at messes, hang ups, and changes in plans. They happen frequently.
  • You'll love it. maybe not every single second. But you will love it.
  • There's not a pet on the planet that can replace the love and affection you get from a child.
  • Children are miracles- they're cute because if they weren't you'd get angry at them more frequently.

I am not writing these things to scare anyone off from being a mommy. I'm writing it for my own venting, remembrance, and journaling. Being a mother is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. It was a choice-it didn't just happen, and it wasn't just something that sounded fun. I think that is a huge portion of feeling good about being a parent. It has to be a choice that you are happy with. If it is something that was an "oops" I know that I would have a hard time with copping in that situation and I'm glad that someone up stairs knows that. I am so blessed with the two sweetest children ever. Corban makes me laugh every single day regardless of what else is going on in our crazy house hold. Gabe is absolutely brilliant. They both are so musically talented it's unfathomable. If a musical commercial plays on tv they can sing the tune back after hearing it just once. Gabe drops everything to listen and dance to music. He does this really really cute little bounce when he's dancing. You can't help but bounce right along with him. I love being a mom and I hope everyone else that is blessed with children knows that it is just that- a blessing. gnight.

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Marie said...

An awesome post! I loved reading everything you wrote, so true! It brightened my night! =D

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