Monday, January 25, 2010

aw moments.

Corban has his bad moments, and his "aw he's so cute I could just eat him up" moments. Tonight for family night he had a few of both. (and I'm not blogging about family night like we do it every week- we try but to no avail.) Anywho- we went to burger king (on a gift card from tj *thanks*) for some dinner. There was this totally adorable homely couple that looked to be in their 60's that were completely taken with our two boys. We kept hearing them giggle across the restaraunt when our boys were doing some of their regular cute things. Take for instance the fact that both of them will dance to background music no matter the setting or the song. Gabe does baby signs for more food, but if you don't notice and act quickly enough he squeels and balls his fists like "oooo I'm soo frustrated but I'm still a happy guy". Corban would occasionally smile at them, and make cute faces in their general direction. After we finished eating we came home and had some ice cream cones with carmel and hot fudge. Before we started our little lesson from a former Friend issue we asked Corban if he'd say our prayer for family night. It went something like this: "Heavenly Father, thank you for the sprite, thank you for the mohawks, ...and thank you that we could smash our mohawks and go like this (he shook his head all over for that part), and thank you for family night..." And those were his aww moments for the evening. Now I have to add the mohawk pictures from saturday night so you can understand why they were participants in Corban's prayer. Trust me- sometimes I think my boys really Deserve?? a mohawk considering their attitudes and behaviors- and to top that Corban requests one quite regularly. That being said- here are the pics of the boys' snazzy do's on satruday night

***I wrote this jan 25th but my computer won't download the no pics until I figure that out sorry****

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