Thursday, July 22, 2010

must. stop. complaining...

I am going to try to do more service and less complaining. help me remember not to complain. here's a list of things I should remember before complaining:
  • We have a great roof over our heads.
  • We have wonderful friends, family, and neighbors.
  • We're all healthy. No body-ravishing diseases, unless you count pregnancy ;)
  • We have food in our basement and our fridge.
  • We don't have to worry about where or when our next paycheck will come.
  • We know the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true.
  • We have at least one car (sometimes even 2~!) that works 100% of the time.
  • We work hard to be good parents- and even though it's harder to be a good parent than a lazy bad one- it's worth it.

I need a new mantra. something like: I'm greatful for everything. even my nausea. (people keep telling me that a sick mommy means a healthy baby...that was bad planning on a man's part I'm sure...)

what do you think?

Monday, July 19, 2010

my keyboard's sticky...

all because we made fruit loop bracelets one night while jack was ushering at thanksgiving point...

they kind of LOVED them.

now when I fill gabe's snack cup with fruit loops he somehow procures a pipe cleaner and brings it to me with his fruit loops. he insists that I put his fruit loops on so he can bite them off- instead of just eating them. I've got to find his stash of pipe cleaners... my hands are sticky- and thus my keyboard and mouse are sticky. Somehow paying bills at the computer and putting up with sticky keys makes it 10 times worse. don't think I don't wipe it down, because I do, but when he does it multiple times during one bill pay sitting- it gets old. my goofy gabe. love that guy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I haven't been posting. I haven't wanted to complain about how crummy I feel whilst preggo, and yet that's all I can seem to talk about when I feel like vomiting 99% of the day, dealing with heartburn with the fire of a thousand suns, and sleepless nights full of horrific nightmares. That being said- today I woke up and felt much better than I've felt in quite a while! We trimmed the boys hair and bathed them last night so they woke up clean, trimmed and looking happy. I also don't have anything on my schedule for the day so I don't have any stress about getting something done by a certain time. I'm looking forward to a fun day with just playing with my kids! who'da thunk.

Anyway I've had a few random photos that I've wanted to post like this one:

I know it's a bad photo- but can you at least tell that this is the back of one of those HUGE like 11 passenger vans? Can you also see that the entire back two windows are covered with those "family member" stickers? one for each member of the family? and there were about 6 cat/dog stickers as well? the license plate says FMLYVAN. wow. good for them. I just don't have that kind of patience! I can't even imagine. random- but I had to share.

and this one.
these are my strawberry plants I planted this spring. I had one that I transplanted- then added three more. They aren't producing much. Mostly because we have a lot of robins that apparently LOVE snitching up the strawberries as soon as they're slightly pink so I don't even get a shot at them! Don't call me crazy- I've seen it! they come in the morning, stare at the bushes, swoop in and steal it, fly over to a little section of grass and gobble it all up. I'm pretty miffed as strawberries are my FAVORITE THING EVER. super lame. I did however get to eat some sugar snap peas out of our garden yesterday. they were sweet and delicious. my poor garden is really really behind this year so don't hate me for finally getting some peas in the middle of july.

that's about all- it's time to get playin with my boys :) have a good one.

ps. another detrimental side effect to pregnancy is that I feel very unsocial most of the time- it's not that I don't like playdates or hangin with girl friends- it's that I feel overwhelmed at the thought of getting up and ready by a certain time and getting the boys all ready to go someplace. I always enjoy myself once I'm out and about and I usually feel fine (as fine as pregnancy allows me to feel) and end up having a great time. so if you feel like doing something- don't wait for me to call because I probably won't. But you're welcome- encouraged even- to call us :) I'm putting jack in charge of any evening dinner parties during this summer- just know that anytime he talks about getting together he's probably serious but needs some coaxing as to when to actually schedule the fun times ;)


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