Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Corban's Birthday!

This is the invite I made for his party this past Monday. I'll share photos and stories of the party as soon as I get some photos from my mom :) my camera died half way through the party...lame battery death. Let's just say that it was a Nerf party...mwahahahaha.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

today=snow day

me and corban went out and played in the snow. way fun. my sweet neighbor florence watched gabe for us so he wouldn't freeze. we were out there for 2 and a half hours! we were working on recreating a GIANT slide that our neighbors made when we were kids. it's not finished but it's a start- it's a good three feet tall so far. anwho here are a few minor points of interest that transpired while we were out.
  • I yelled at two little boys (somewhere between 7 and 11 yrs old). Only after they yelled F you to a sweet little old lady that drove by them for no reason. then corban kept yelling at them as they walked away "watch your fanguage boys!" (I guess he hasn't heard "language" used in a sentance yet)
  • As they were walking away I heard him mumble F you again motioning back to me so I yelled at him again.
  • I went to get corban's dirty sled out but realized it had no string to pull it by, so I went into the house for some yarn. I told corban to wait on the porch and he didn't listen, instead he fell down the ENTIRE flight of stairs. Don't worry he was dressed so fluffy he doesn't have a single bruise. It just shook him up. I said "I told you you'd fall down the stairs in your boots." he said "oh yeah..."
  • We washed corban's sled off and I pulled him around the yard after getting string.
  • Corban fell over in the snow and got stuck while I was looking all over for him. (turned out that he went in the back yard where we hadn't walked yet)
  • A nice little neighbor boy that I'd never seen before came up and said "I like the stairs in your yard that you built." (we put steps up the front of the slide to climb to the top for corban)
  • I probably used every single muscle that I haven't used in two years because I didn't shovel last winter being preggo with gabe and all...
  • I will be sore tomorrow. But it will be a good sore.
  • I've decided I love stretch pants. I promise to not wear them out in public, don't worry, they're just nice for lounging around.

Thanksgiving Photos :)

We took some family photos while we were out in california- vote on your fav group pic please :)

Number 1

Number 2
Number 3
Our Little Family

Don't let that sweet look fool you-he's a little devil.

Little Gabey and his two teeth :)
The tounge is the best part of this pic ha ha.


Love this Pic!!!

Gwyn and John Larsen

The Webbs left to right: Alysa, Caden, Bronwyn, Brad, Evan

(Heather's fam didn't do single family photos at that time. Otherwise I'd add theirs too ;) )

An atempt at fitting all the cousins on the slide. It was precarious, slightly funny to watch,
and in the end: futile.

All the Cousins!!! Left to right: Evan, Corban, Caden, Dawson, Jackson, Madison, Thompson, Alysa, and Gabe

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A new goal in life. It's good...It's really good.

My new goal in life is: to experience The French Laundry first hand.
I love food. I really do. I love fancy food even more. In high school I was able to go to La Caille as part of a foods class. I fell head over heals. The fancy atmosphere, the manners, the service, the FOOD. I loved that there was a dress code! No bums allowed ya know?? I loved that someone in their kitchen was painstakingly preparing wonderful, artful, delicious food just for me. I took a culinary arts class for a while at the datc which was fun for a while but I felt more just like an elementary school lunch lady than a chef. The teaching concepts were there but we couldn't really use many of them because of budget. We didn't ever have really great ingredients and we didn't ever prepare master pieces. I did however learn how to make homemade pasta which is WAYYYYY better than the dried stuff. (Come to think of it I don't think I've made that for jack...ever...what a terrible wife I am.) Anywho I looked into Le Courdon Bleu schools for a while, even tossed around the idea of going to the one in Pennsylvania. Turned out that you had to basically sell your soul, your first born, and a future spouse in order to attend Le Courdon Bleu. "I guess I'll go down to uvsc since it's free tuition and live at grandma's..." (turns out that was really what I was supposed to do all along, go figure). Anyway, I still love food, I just let jack make it because he's a natural! :)
I never make goals because I have some sort of problem reaching them...oh yeah, I'm lazy. But I'm changing that little rule just for The French Laundry. Sometime before the age of 50 I WILL make it to The French Laundry. The dining experience there is unequalled by any other restaurant. What could be more fabulous than a meal lasting somewhere between 4 and 6 hours? The answer? Nothing. Nothing at all. I will be saving each penny I can. If you find some pennies on the street pass them down to this all too worthy goal. j/k. I'll make it on my own dime. or jack and I's, I should say. wish me luck.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Puddles. water heaters. and teenage boys.

Yesterday I was amazing. Lets be honest. I was planning a pajama day and not having to do anything. I decided I should at least wrap some gifts during nap time. Instead I did a little fix on our water heater. I had put both boys down for their naps and got out the bags of gifts to wrap while they were asleep. When I went downstairs to get the tissue paper box I stepped in a puddle. Puddles are ALWAYS bad when you're in a basement. There's never a good puddle in the basement. So I removed my soggy sock and started feeling around to see why there was a puddle in the carpet. (Not to mention crossing my fingers that jack had just spilled the squirt bottle when he went down to iron that morning) No such luck with the crossing fingers. It was a good 2'X2' square of soggy soggy soggy carpet in the guest bedroom. nice. I looked further in the room to make sure that was as far as the water went and it was thank goodness. Then the thought: "oh no. the water heater," comes to mind. I open the utility closet to find a large puddle on the concrete. A puddle you ask? yes. no drain by the water heater- it's by the washer and dryer-cause that's rational... Go figure we didn't notice that until now. Anyway as I'm sopping up water everywhere I realize that this isn't a fix that can wait because there's a constant drip coming from the temperature pressure release valve on the top side of the water heater. pajama day gone. I call Karen up to see if she can come listen for the boys while I run to the hardware store. When I get to the hardware store I find a lady 70 + yrs old and a teenage boy maybe 17 yrs old and ask for the part I need. (the ones my dad instructed me to get). The little boy jumped at the chance to help me trying so so hard to locate the correct parts. He obviously had no clue what I was talking about but was trying so sincerely to help out. (*note* my wedding ring is in disrepair so my hand was naked, and I didn't have kids with me.) Before he could ask me to the next dance a man that knew what he was doing asked if he was finding things okay. Phew. But thanks for the flattery of being attracted to a married mom of two. The new guy got me hooked up with all the right parts, loaned me the store's pvc cutters and sent me on my way to fix the problem. I went home did the little fix that I could, then went to return the pvc cutters to the store. You should have seen the sweet little guys face as soon as the gentleman that helped me started discussing something that brought up "my Husband shut off the sprinkler water..." The poor kid was crushed. The H word. sad. flattering. but sad. oh well. my dad's graciously coming to help fix the spout tomorrow even though he's sick as a dog. We're so grateful for his fix it help so often!

The Larsens