Saturday, December 5, 2009

A new goal in life. It's good...It's really good.

My new goal in life is: to experience The French Laundry first hand.
I love food. I really do. I love fancy food even more. In high school I was able to go to La Caille as part of a foods class. I fell head over heals. The fancy atmosphere, the manners, the service, the FOOD. I loved that there was a dress code! No bums allowed ya know?? I loved that someone in their kitchen was painstakingly preparing wonderful, artful, delicious food just for me. I took a culinary arts class for a while at the datc which was fun for a while but I felt more just like an elementary school lunch lady than a chef. The teaching concepts were there but we couldn't really use many of them because of budget. We didn't ever have really great ingredients and we didn't ever prepare master pieces. I did however learn how to make homemade pasta which is WAYYYYY better than the dried stuff. (Come to think of it I don't think I've made that for jack...ever...what a terrible wife I am.) Anywho I looked into Le Courdon Bleu schools for a while, even tossed around the idea of going to the one in Pennsylvania. Turned out that you had to basically sell your soul, your first born, and a future spouse in order to attend Le Courdon Bleu. "I guess I'll go down to uvsc since it's free tuition and live at grandma's..." (turns out that was really what I was supposed to do all along, go figure). Anyway, I still love food, I just let jack make it because he's a natural! :)
I never make goals because I have some sort of problem reaching them...oh yeah, I'm lazy. But I'm changing that little rule just for The French Laundry. Sometime before the age of 50 I WILL make it to The French Laundry. The dining experience there is unequalled by any other restaurant. What could be more fabulous than a meal lasting somewhere between 4 and 6 hours? The answer? Nothing. Nothing at all. I will be saving each penny I can. If you find some pennies on the street pass them down to this all too worthy goal. j/k. I'll make it on my own dime. or jack and I's, I should say. wish me luck.


Tina said...

Aw... now ya made me hungry for some FANCY FOOD! I never use to be into fancy food. In fact I thought Sizzler was a FANCY restaurant growing up! lol. Scott's work has treated us to some AMAZING cuisine and SPOILED ME! Now I know what true gourmet is! Mmmmm.... maybe I will go eat one of my Smiths donuts to curb the hunger!

The Rowleys said...

Well I would like to help you out, and spare you the money for a sitter. Just bring the kiddos to my house. That sitter money can go towards your cusine.

The Larsens