Tuesday, December 8, 2009

today=snow day

me and corban went out and played in the snow. way fun. my sweet neighbor florence watched gabe for us so he wouldn't freeze. we were out there for 2 and a half hours! we were working on recreating a GIANT slide that our neighbors made when we were kids. it's not finished but it's a start- it's a good three feet tall so far. anwho here are a few minor points of interest that transpired while we were out.
  • I yelled at two little boys (somewhere between 7 and 11 yrs old). Only after they yelled F you to a sweet little old lady that drove by them for no reason. then corban kept yelling at them as they walked away "watch your fanguage boys!" (I guess he hasn't heard "language" used in a sentance yet)
  • As they were walking away I heard him mumble F you again motioning back to me so I yelled at him again.
  • I went to get corban's dirty sled out but realized it had no string to pull it by, so I went into the house for some yarn. I told corban to wait on the porch and he didn't listen, instead he fell down the ENTIRE flight of stairs. Don't worry he was dressed so fluffy he doesn't have a single bruise. It just shook him up. I said "I told you you'd fall down the stairs in your boots." he said "oh yeah..."
  • We washed corban's sled off and I pulled him around the yard after getting string.
  • Corban fell over in the snow and got stuck while I was looking all over for him. (turned out that he went in the back yard where we hadn't walked yet)
  • A nice little neighbor boy that I'd never seen before came up and said "I like the stairs in your yard that you built." (we put steps up the front of the slide to climb to the top for corban)
  • I probably used every single muscle that I haven't used in two years because I didn't shovel last winter being preggo with gabe and all...
  • I will be sore tomorrow. But it will be a good sore.
  • I've decided I love stretch pants. I promise to not wear them out in public, don't worry, they're just nice for lounging around.


Holli said...

So much fun! We had to go buy Sam some new snowboots before he could play, but I've been dying to get outside! Poor Corban falling down the stairs- little boys never listen.:)

Manatee25 said...

Amanda you are HILARIOUS!!!! I can't believe poor Corban bounced down the stairs!!! I can just see his little eyes pooping out of his head while he sit's at the bottom and says "WHOA!" HEHE.

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