Thursday, April 24, 2008


We've moved! We are now at my parents' address, in the basement. we love that we have such close ties and are able to do this! how lucky are we?!? anyway, I just wanted to make a clarification... I saw this pic on msn and had to point out that I WAS going to show up to the next family get together sporting this SAME exact outfit. I guess I was scooped.

Can you beleive this is a Marc Jacobs dress? Maybe I'll pull this one off instead:

I can't imagine why these made it onto a worst dressed list... ;) I just love the gold toes on her shoes/stockings kinda like mens' work/dress socks. Anywho I just wanted to announce that we're still alive a kicking just incase someone was worried or somethin. have a good one. hope the dresses gave ya a giggle.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's official

We are officially moving into my folks' house some time this month. We just got back from California (I'll post the happenings lata) -visiting all the Larsen side of the fam-and my parents secretly worked their tails off this week! They had cleaned out my mom's craft room to make a room for Corban, they had taken their desk out into the basement so that it could be our computer desk, they had pretty much moved out of their own basement-all this just for us. I totally cried in my hormonal state because my mom had set up his port-a-crib with some brand new books and all the stuffed animals I've saved through the years all around the room. It really was such a sweet sight because it really looked like his new little home. Reasoning behind moving: rent went up 100 bucks a month, and we are on the house hunt but would like to be paying down some minor debts in order to get into the best loan we can, and my folks were obliged to let us fill up their basement so we can achieve all that. Jacks folks were also wanting us to come out there while we did all this but (drum roll please) Jack has accepted a brand spankin' new job with a company called Knight Transportation in Salt Lake City. He will be an "Operations Manager" managing drivers and stuff. He starts on the 28Th of this month! hip hip hooray for regular hours!!! I'm so excited to have someone to finally cook for I don't know what I'm going to do, Suzie home maker here I come! Any wonderful recipes that you turn to time and again would be greatly appreciated. We have also appreciated all of the constant support that you have all given our family with all the crazy hours, missing parties and get together's, and always stepping in with a helping hand when Jack had an especially long week.

The Larsens