Saturday, August 30, 2008

drum roll please:

we are officially the owners of a home!!!! it gets better: the wood floors underneath the carpet are spectacular!!! all we need to do is pull staples, and varnish again! pictures will be coming. I promise. and Happy Birthday to my dad. K, now I gotta go to work. Happy labor day weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2008

lay the kid down already...poor guy.

I saw this video and had to share it. bare with the whole thing, it's cute at the end. have a good one! :)

Friday, August 22, 2008


I was just blog surfin, catching up on peoples blogs while corban is napping...and I microwaved a hot dog to eat for lunch. dang pregnancy. that totally grosses me out that I downed it in like 5 minutes flat and loved every bite. *shivers* ew. anyway, let me know some feedback here about that breaking dawn chat night/house party, even if it's to say you think it would be a stupid idea, at least I'd know what I'm doin here... thanks

Sunday, August 17, 2008

eh hem.

I'd like to propose an idea. I finished my copy of breaking dawn. I don't know how I felt about the book, there were so many pluses and minuses. I want to chit chat with ladies about it. So, the proposal is: I think that we should pick a night (in a week or two to let others finish the book) to do a msn chat about it. let me know what cha think. I think that if we get as many ladies as possible (or gents if they've actually read it) "friends of friends of friends" we could get the most amount of it covered. any second that motion? for that matter I would even be willing to host a house party to do this shin dig. finger munchies, and talking about a girly book...sound good? lemme know.
ps. anyone that doesn't have a copy and would like to read it is welcome to my copy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

signing our life away??? maybe not.

We're officially in contract on our little house! It feels scary but at the same time we feel like this is super right for us, so keep your fingers crossed in our behalf.
Also thanks to sami and emily's posts about grandpa romney I bawled my eyes out... and wasn't going to do a post of my own because I can't type if my contacts are floating around my eyeballs... but I think I'm okay now. I do just have to say that it was really the neatest experience the morning he died. I was en route to virginia's house when I felt like I needed to call my dad and see if there was anything he needed before I arrived (I was about 10 blocks away). He answered the phone and told me that he had just passed away a few minutes ago and he just needed us here. I can truly attest that the spirit has been in close proximity to all the romney hearts this week, constantly comforting and reminding us that grandpa is in a much better place, probably riding his horses again. We all were just able to sit in his room with his empty body and recount memories and stories of grandpa, and really take in the fact that we have a clear understanding that he was no longer there, and that he is comfortable now. We really appreciate all the prayers that have been offered in our behalf. We also have had the opportunity to learn more from the amazing example of testimony from grandpa. My dad was talking about when Grandpa was young he would read scriptures with Aunt Evalou and make sure that she had understood what was meant in each scripture that they had talked about in church that day. how many of us would take the opportunity to RE-read scriptures we had discussed in church? I thought that was a very heart warming picture considering the first thing I do after church is run to get the dress off and pants on. We'll miss grandpa romney a lot but we'll see him shortly, after all this life is but a blink of an eye. Grandpa passed away at 11:00 am 8/8/08.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

House hunting

So we went house hunting last night and went through some PRETTY scary little magna houses. Buuuut if there was ever any doubt about the possibility of not finding houses under the 200 thou mark, look no further than magna. The first one had been a state funded home that they tore the old house off the foundation then built a new house on top, which turned out nicely.

Very cute house. However, the street that this particular house was on to phrase this nicely...terrifying? not really terrifying, just the fact that there was an older gentleman going through the garbage in front of the house that yelled to us (in a kinda pissed off, angry at the world type tone) that no one was ever ever going to buy that house on that street for $185,000. (we didn't because of that dude and his garbage fettish, so in that sense he was correct)
We looked at another one just down the way from the first one that was really a cute little built in 1915 number.

It had been refurbished very nicely, but unfortunately the basement was a definite no no. There was some warping on the walls so we knew there had been water damage at somepoint but who knows if it was ever fixed. And jack was scared of the rodent possibility considering the area underneath the stairs was completely open to some of the creepiest crawl/storage spaces known to civilization.
The next home was also just down the way and was built in 1917,

the ad was very promising considering it was $129,900 4 bed 1 bath, new paint, new carpet, new waterheater, new gas stove, new shingles...blah blah blah. Those things may or may not have been new at one point but certainly not at this date. Full of mildewy smells, one of the bedrooms they were considering to be a "bedroom" was literally 4 ft wide X 7 ft long, with a closet occupying a good 2 X 2 ft area. Bedroom? I think not. The rest of the house was totally trashed either by squatters or the last owners condering it was now the bank's posession they may have thought "we'll show them for kicking us out."
Anywho with those houses out of the way the last home we went through was thrilling!

Built in 1952 the owner was a finish work carpenter, so he was constantly bettering the home and fixing anything close to a problem. There's a swing set a workshop, and a little wood shed that would eventually become a kids playhouse considering there is already a wood shed off the workshop closer to the house. It has 5 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a storage room, and a large family room.They were the only owners of the home, both have passed away, and now the kids are selling the home. It has this AMAZING stove:

it's called a wedgewood stove, they were built in the fifties, after searching on the net I've found several web pages entitled "dream stoves" or "antique stoves" where they refurbish these old stoves and sell them for upwards of $4,000!!! Needless to say we've put in an offer, and hopefully things will move forward from here. Cross your fingers for us!! If all goes well plan on a paint party, or possibly refinishing the hardwood floors underneath the carpeting...ha ha. Let me know if any of you know anything about refinishing floors.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

the giant giant giant news:

TA DA. crazy #2 on the way come february 26th 2009. Corban will be about 26 months old, and who knows if I can get a girl out of this then I can be done with the constant nausea forever?!?! *wishfull thinking I guess* and the second part of the giant giant giant news:
We are in the 'home stretch' so to speak: we've been pre aproved for a home loan, now we can be serious about shopping. Who's ready for some house painting parties?? yay. Anywho our trip to california was a major blast. Corban had so much fun playing with all his cousins. He even knows all their names now, and randomly will shout out "lyyyyssssaaaa" (he doesn't put and A at the front of alysa's name). One of his favorite people though was GG. Jack's Nana, Betty Southgate. Every morning he would shout at the top of his lungs "Hi GG!!" when she was wheeled out to the living room.
Last but not least: corban's latest mess:
he decided some good quality potting soil would really compliment his blonde locks...and his complextion.

Oh, and as a total side note, anyone with advice on training my stupid sam to not eat inedible object would be much appreciated. Last things he's eaten? our pool, the pump, the pool pump tubing, the electrical cord to our pool, some russian nesting dolls, our ipod car charger...I think that does it for the last week. lame I know. he's on house arrest right now. have a good week all!

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