Monday, July 28, 2008

Get Ready.....

Okay I had a very blog worthy night on friday, but I am in california visiting the larsen half of the fam until thursday (and I don't want to waste precious cali time on the computer) so expect a giant giant giant post some time before next sunday about some giant giant giant news. have a good week :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

holy computer illiterate.

hey I know it's been over a month of neglect. but I'm back and that's all that matters right? anywho first on the agenda: I did somethin really dumb and didn't save the template for all of your little blog pages that I had done when I changed the layout on my page. Therefore I need you to make a comment with your blog page address so I can add you all again, I found a few but I'm missing several-thanks for the help. *sheepish grin* with that having been said: we have new family pics! my sweet cousin tina did them and did such an amazing job so I'm going to add them all for your viewing pleasure.

Hope you enjoyed the pics. just as an fyi jack and I now have a little CTR 5 class that we teach on sundays so any helpful lesson ideas are a definite plus! :)

The Larsens