Friday, May 28, 2010

Finished my kitchen drapes

I finally finished making drapes for my kitchen! I wanted to do them a while ago- but just didn't go and get it done. I found the fabric at Home Fabrics (red toile- my fav!) for about $4/yd and Tina GAVE me some lining fabric {thank you thank you thank you tina!!!}. Can you believe it?? My Drapes=el cheapo! I bought some drawer pull knobs to hang them with instead of a rod. The drawer pulls just needed to be put on a double sided screw thing that you just screw right into the wall after putting the knob on the one half. Wonderfully easy and cheap.


So this is my mirror for my front room (without the glass of course). I got it at a garage sale for $10 last summer. I've loved it ever since. BUT it was a tiny ity bitty bit gold...j/k. it was a LOT gold. And so I give you...(drum roll please) the transformation! {thanks to the All Things Thrifty site for all the really easy tutorials and great ideas!!}
This is a close up of the center details Before:
This is a close up of the corner details Before:
After being Primed and Spray Painted with Krylon cream spray paint...
Close up of the paint... and my duck sheet/spray paint drop cloth...nice.
Ta Da!
Close up of the corner details after I glazed it with a black glaze :) do you love it???
Sorry it's not a better photo- it's a cell phone photo- I have been too lazy to charge my camera battery. And lets excuse the background of mess...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Our new car!

So one saturday afternoon I just started crunching some numbers on our car loan because I found a CHEAP honda pilot on Not thinking that we'd actually be able to afford any change seeing as how we're shooting to get OUT of debt this year. But curiosity pushed me to at least call our credit union. When I got off the phone with our credit union (America First Credit Union- only the best) I realized that we may be able to swing it! So we went and test drove the honda from ksl on monday night. It was awful. we opened the doors and a huge smoke smell smacked you right in the face. ME: "was the previous owner a smoker?" Shady dealer: "'t think" Me: "they were, you can smell it. what would these circular burn marks be from if it wasn't from a cigarette??" shady dealer: ", those aren't burn, they weren't want to take it for a spin?" Me: "we'll drive it and talk it over." So we left and were totally grossed out by the smell. I just jokingly suggested visiting willey honda since we were close by. Jack went straight there in the car we were test driving. We got out and asked what they had to offer in the realm of 2004-2005 honda pilots. They had two. One that was more expensive and had more miles. The second one was cheaper, had less miles, and was a nicer model. It was cheaper because it had been in a small fender bender once upon a time but did not have a branded title (which means that the insurance company never had to be involved, nor the police because it was less than $500 damage.) So we drove the car back to the shady dealer's lot, picked up our accord, and drove back to willey honda. We test drove the cheaper, nicer model and fell in love. the end. just kidding. but we did buy the pilot and traded in our accord.

This is us saying by to our sweet honda accord... (please ignore my horrendous hair was windy by the time we'd sealed the deal)
Man I love this smiley guy...
And this is our new car!!! (new to us at least.) it's a 2004 Honda Pilot EXL. Only the greatest suv ever manufactured. It happened to be the exl model which has leather seats, AND the best part??? an adjustable middle row so that the back row can seat people that are older than 6 yrs old or midgets. what-what? seats 8??? yeah baby. yeah. it even switches to four wheel drive if it starts raining, or notices a change in traction! I'm a happy woman. AND!! we're paying $4 less a month in total for our accord because A: better percentage rates right now. B: it's less $$ on the insurance because it's less of a theft risk or something. boo yah.
thanks crummy made this somewhat possible. ;)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Disaster struck

So the boys have colds. I stayed home from church with them and decided to throw some yummy crock pot stuff together so jack would come home to yummy smelling food...lets just put it this was a good idea. The end. Who would have thought that boneless pork spare ribs would burn to an absolute CRISP on low for 8 hrs? I apparently did not. The boys insisted on eating them (I seriously have to question their brain function because of this fact) even though they were the consistency of beef jerky and about the same moisture level too. I made some potatoe stuff too...wasn't the best either. I think I'm going to stop cooking for a while...Jack's better at it anyway.

ps. I made a cake for dessert to make up for the crappy dinner. I just frosted it. it's slightly heaven. however. dinner still stunk big time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scouts honor...

is that allowed to "scouts honor" something if you're a girl and were never even a girl scout??? oh well. What's done is done. anyway. I solemly "Scouts Honor" swear that I'll have a mega sweet giant post soon. promise.

The Larsens