Sunday, May 16, 2010

Disaster struck

So the boys have colds. I stayed home from church with them and decided to throw some yummy crock pot stuff together so jack would come home to yummy smelling food...lets just put it this was a good idea. The end. Who would have thought that boneless pork spare ribs would burn to an absolute CRISP on low for 8 hrs? I apparently did not. The boys insisted on eating them (I seriously have to question their brain function because of this fact) even though they were the consistency of beef jerky and about the same moisture level too. I made some potatoe stuff too...wasn't the best either. I think I'm going to stop cooking for a while...Jack's better at it anyway.

ps. I made a cake for dessert to make up for the crappy dinner. I just frosted it. it's slightly heaven. however. dinner still stunk big time.

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Tina said...

Bummer!!! I hate when dinner is ruined! Makes you want to buy pizza every night!

The Larsens