Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Corban's chuckles of joy

Okay, I have to add a movie right this second, I finally have access to it because I'm in Centerville. I'll write later about Christmas and the festivities, they were grand! anyway on to the movie: pause the music first though, it's a hoot!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

a not so quick video

I was just going to post some cute videos of corban real quick from earlier this week...but it' s a lot longer. maybe I'll just do one at a time. I'll try at least. Anyway this is a video of corban and sam goofing off. Sam is the puppy that jack bought me for my birthday so he's about 6 months younger than corban, and they are best of buds! enjoy. sorry if it's can probably skip the last third of the video I didn't crop it first oops.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Back in the saddle agian...

Time to catch up:


Jack didn't have to work until three today so he worked his guts off helping me clean the apartment and giving me a break from the Corban Monster (I'll explain that in a sec.). Just so that I wouldn't worry about it tonight after the baby shower I threw for jack's boss' wife Julie. The shower went well when people actually came...A lot didn't show up until 4:15 (considering the shower started at 3:00 I thought that was odd). We played some games and gave out prizes, it was nice and Jean so graciously watched corban for me so I didn't have to worry about him getting into trouble with all the balloons and gifts everywhere, he would have been nuts. That's about it tonight other than the fact that I may order a pizza because that's what I'm craving but it's only me and corban here so that may be detrimental to my weight... who knows. Back to friday.

So I gave corban another cold...not on purpose but you know how it goes. anyway, it settled into his lungs agian so he's back on the inhaler thing three times a day, in addition to some asthma medication called singulair, and some steroids for a short stint of help. He'll be on the singulair through the winter, probably until march so that he's less likely to have this happen after every cold he gets. I would say he's a poor little guy, but yesterday he was a monster, not like a cute monster that you'd feel bad for, but the bad kind. Yelling, throwing toys, clinching his teeth and huffing and puffing through them ALLLL day long. oi. he was a pill. He's being much nicer now. Jack thinks it's the steroids because it was just so uncharacteristic of him to act like that all day, luckily his last dose of that is tonight.

Thursday night:

Jack and I had been wanting to go on an actual DATE sometime this week because he proposed to me the day after thanksgiving three years ago and he had promised that he would let me read his journal that he had written in while we were dating (he had been hidding it since we were married because he's a die hard romantic and wanted to let me read it in a cute way). So jack got off work at 5 and we had a babysitter, Amber, come over at six so jack and I could go to dinner. We went to Costa Vida (similar to Cafe Rio) with some giftcards (YAY for free stuff!!) and ate some yummy mexican food. Jack even got all nervous just like back when we were dating and dropped our tray of Chips to go with the Queso. It was too cute how he reacted after he had dropped it, it was almost identical to the facial expression he had on our first date ever when he spilled something down his shirt. It's not like he's a clumsy guy by any means and to drop something off a tray of food is remarkable considering his skills he developed as a server at carrabba's. I finally got to read his journal, it was really cute, and sincere, and I found out just how soon he'd decided that he'd need to "convince her(me) to marry me(him)". It was a great great date, and to top it off Grandma Anderson had a free pass to do the thanksgiving lights that night so we picked corban up so he could see them (they're not that entertaining for adults but they're cute). We drove through the lights at like 2 mph with corban on my lap in the passenger seat of the car,
he was beside himself with glee, and so was I because I had some home made fudge from Grandma (Thanks again grandma!). When we came home we made oreo shakes (another tie in the back when we were first dating) and let corban try some, he was kind of in heaven...the lights...the oreos...the ice cream... he was impressed to say the least. All in all it was a perfect evening.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


So we hit a few mile stones with Corban today and of corse I couldn't catch any of them on film! He walked from a laundry bin we have by the double sinks in our bathroom to the bathroom door. In essence he did like 4.5 steps without holding on to something and without being coaxed. He was also just cruising across the living room next to the couch kinda just bouncing his one hand along it for comfort purposes because it obviously wasn't holding him up at all. He would pick up a toy at one end of the couch, 'run' it over to me at the other end of the couch, then go back to do it all again. Considering the messy nature of the floor by the couch today there is also something to be said to his maneuvering skills... he's like a mountain goat! Oh, and he was saying "uh-oh" all the live long day. Again, I couldn't get him to do it on the phone with anyone because it's better when it looks like your mom (meeeee) is making it up... humph. some day right? anyway, congrats on your really really awesome web page Tina! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. How much would you charge to be my permanent digi. scrappin girl??? no amount would be too much it's adorable!!! gnight ladies and gents.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cali trip explained finally!!

So that is kinda my cheater way of walking you through our California trip without all the stories I'm sure you're just dying to not read. But hey, the pictures are cute, and for those of you who would actually hear about the trip here's a quick run down:
October 24th: Centerville
October 25th: Fly in at 9:40 ish? and walk around San Fran.
October 26th: Nana watched Corban for us, and we (jack and I) went to six flags. (and jack barfed ha ha)
October 27th: Evan and Alysa (our niece and nephew) got baptized
October 28th: Walked to church in a balmy mid 80 degree weather (neener neener) Went to a BBQ and Bronwynn and Brad's house in Lodi
October 29th: Went shopping at the mall and discovered Illuminations a store that is desperately needed in Utah!!!
October 30th: Ran errands to get ready for Halloween
October 31st: HALLOWEEN!!! Went shopping a few more places to find a much needed skull cap for poor charlie brown! The whole kit and kaboodle came to Modesto. We had home made mac and cheese (yum yum!) and fruit salad, and pumpkin cake. We went out trick or treating, brad left some dog poo in a pumpkin or was a hoot.
November 1st: packed up and left for home
wow...even the short version was long sorry. anyway hope you are all enjoying the nice fall weather. talk to ya lata.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


HOLA CHIQUITAS! & CHICOS...I have returned. kinda. This will be an atempt at a short but sweet blog in order to update y'all on my crazy. Jack, Corban, and myself all drove up to centerville on wednesday october 24th to sleep at my parents so that we could fly out to california in the AM. We were in California from the 25th of october until november 1st. Then from centerville jack and I parted ways for him to go back to the grind and me and corban went up to the Cabin until sunday. My mom drove Corban and I home on sunday before jack was off because corban had come down with a cold/ear infection. He was up all sunday night...litterally (unless you're counting the little 15-20 min periods where he didn't move but wasn't really asleep, then he slept maybe an hour and a half) We took him in on monday morning because he was sounding weezy. Needless to say now we have a Nebulizer (sp) that gives him some albeuteral (an asthma medication just to loosen all his chest muscles so that he can breathe easier). (Oh, and he's on a good dose of amoxacillin for his flamin huge ear infection. Poor little guy.) It may just be a virus so I'll take him back in on monday. He sounds much better now. No worries. He's also teething during this whole fun experience....He's got one tooth on the top that's just being stubborn. I'm probably going to make him chew on my pink slipper that he always attempts to chew on so that he can just cut that last tooth and stop the runny nose business. So all in all I'm home finally, but inbetween the three a day fifteen minute doses of the albeuteral (he has to inhale it through a mask thingy and it takes about fifteen minutes to finish up) and the two a day doses of the amoxacillin and his bottles and CRAZY picky eating habits right now (notice EVERY single peice of carrot spread across his tray neatly??? He thinks it's hilarious....geez)

I'm not even cleaning my house much less making time to put a nice little bloggy blog blog with trip pictures up yet. Considering the fact that corban won't nap in his bed with all the stuffyness of his nose and will only nap on me and adding in the point that he wants to sleep 29 hours a day because he's not feeling good I'm surprised that I've been able to shower each and everyday this week. Makeup's a whole 'nother story. well my hubby's home it's time to go to bed. Night.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I promise I am still wanting to do this whole bloggy thing, I'm just in california at the moment. I'll post a doosie when I get back with the whole trip report and pics and such. love ya'll

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it's off to c-ville I go....

We didn't end up going to the corn maze after all. Did you people see the weather??? Freezing! and Muddy, but we can cope just fine with mud, just not the freezing part for the kido's. Anyway, I forgot my digital camera in orem so I can't show the pictures of the mess I ran away from. Lets just put it this way: Tissue boxes are now emptied, Jack's Halo 3 sheets are now strewn across the living room, and my markers that I was letting corban draw with yesterday are now also strewn across the entire front half of the apartment. (and that's just the stuff that corban did-not any of jack's or my mess....) I'll try to put up some more recent pictures of my little slobber monster when I get back to my humble abode, but that won't be until after sunday evening. I know you'll be on the edge of your seats but bare with me on this one.
Oh, as a note I'd love to get some of the links to all y'all's sites so that I can keep in touch. (did you enjoy the grammar on that one? I figured that ben is trying to incorporate words like y'all into his speech so I'd give it a go.) just email me your links. Thanks a lot. ttyl.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Corn mazes and crepes

YAY! it's jack's day off today so I actually can write on this thing during the day! We slept in as long as corban would let us but he wanted to play so we had to get up. (when I say 'we' I'm referring to the fact that my sweet hubby got up with corban and took him into the living room to play while leaving me alone in bed to sleep for another 2 hours!!!) THEN jack made crepe's for breakfast while I fed the little bug. Yes I know I'm spoiled rotten. And you know why I don't cook? because jack is an amazing chef. The end. There's no if ands or butts about it. Anyway we're going to go to a corn maze tonight and we're thrilled, I think it'll be way fun!
I went to dinner with my ladies last night (grandma anderson and deann). We started out by going to fazolli's for dinner but didn't actually eat anything because their furnace was broken so it was a little freezing. We went to carrabba's instead to eat. It was yummy, but unfortunately we had a new server....she wasnt' all that grand unfortunately; but it was only her first week working so I'll give her another try a little down the road. After dinner we raced over to the dollar movie theater behind the university mall to see Hairspray with john travolta. DeAnn and I were in the line together while Grandma was parking her car, then she insisted that we just go in and find our seats while she get the tickets. DeAnn and I went into the theater (without our tickets mind you) and tried to find some seats in the almost completely full theater-who'da thunk? After rearranging two rows of people to find our three little seats Grandma came in to find us. She sat next to me and said that they wouldn't sell her any tickets because it was a sold out theater...he hehe, but there we were with seats so she just said that she'd pay them afterwards. So it wasn't stealing or anything. ;) Corban absolutely loved the movie! He kept bouncin' up and down on my lap just dancin and dancin to all the songs in the movie. He even tried to sing along a few times. Although he was so happy about the movie there were a few times I had to stand up in the back with him just because he was squealing so much in delight that it was starting to disturb others I'm sure. And that's not counting the 5 or so minutes when he was intent upon "giving loves" and or slobbering all over my face, from cheeks to collar bones I was drenched with baby slobber. He's such a goon. always slobbery. I'll prove it. here's what he looks like right now:
See the Puddle on the top HALF of his onesie??

See the bubble??? (on his chin) ha ha...good times.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

entertainment choices

I am quite sure that I'm sick of all the crappy tv shows they keep airing season after season. Lets look at the choices that have been on this evening. (Keep in mind that I get just the regular programing 2-13, and most of the time channels 2-5 are fuzzy, and completely cut out the rest of the time) There was a nice show on abc this evening called Frosted Pink (check it out at which was about raising awareness about women's cancers. It was a total tear jerker...wonderful, no really I was really enjoying the touching side of tv, then my tv crashed. By the time it was working again (after playing many a game of zuma) Frosted Pink was over. I am left with the following options for the rest of the evening:

  • Football-not too bad (but it's not the
  • Simpsons-trash
  • Simpsons-more trash these days
  • King of the Hill-they had boomhauer in daisy duke shorts-eww.
  • Family Guy-needs no commentary or explanation

So, the kido's asleep, I've already tried making lunch sac puppets to fill the hole of boredom so I obviously can't do that...I've already trimmed corban's hair tonight so I can't do that...Still don't have any white thread to finish my quiet book for corban so I can't work on that...In summation I believe that all this boredom is tv's fault. just kidding I'm just really tired of how cruddy it all is and I'm also quite bored of the plethora of movies we own. Oh, and I can't install a really old game on my computer that my mom found at her house, I guess its too old for this computer. I'm really thinking I need to learn how to actually use a computer better. Then I'd have lots to do! Wow. sorry about this's lame I know but its a post none the less. corban's awake. ttyl.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

So....blogging huh?

Everyone seems to be blogging these days so why not me? Like afore (sp?) mentioned there's a mess; I don't enjoy cleaning (especially since I really went to town cleaning yesterday...), and I'm a great procrastinator. So, the baby's asleep, Jack's still at Carrabba's, and I'm putting my foot down about this cleaning thing. Viola! a new hobby is born. I think that I'd like to add a recipe sharing section to this site but because I'm new to this game it'll have to wait until I figure out more of it. Let me know if you know how (you being anyone that actually decides to read this waste of my time). Any who, I'm going to fiddle around some more with what the site actually looks like. Arivaderchi (again with the sp?).

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