Thursday, November 8, 2007


HOLA CHIQUITAS! & CHICOS...I have returned. kinda. This will be an atempt at a short but sweet blog in order to update y'all on my crazy. Jack, Corban, and myself all drove up to centerville on wednesday october 24th to sleep at my parents so that we could fly out to california in the AM. We were in California from the 25th of october until november 1st. Then from centerville jack and I parted ways for him to go back to the grind and me and corban went up to the Cabin until sunday. My mom drove Corban and I home on sunday before jack was off because corban had come down with a cold/ear infection. He was up all sunday night...litterally (unless you're counting the little 15-20 min periods where he didn't move but wasn't really asleep, then he slept maybe an hour and a half) We took him in on monday morning because he was sounding weezy. Needless to say now we have a Nebulizer (sp) that gives him some albeuteral (an asthma medication just to loosen all his chest muscles so that he can breathe easier). (Oh, and he's on a good dose of amoxacillin for his flamin huge ear infection. Poor little guy.) It may just be a virus so I'll take him back in on monday. He sounds much better now. No worries. He's also teething during this whole fun experience....He's got one tooth on the top that's just being stubborn. I'm probably going to make him chew on my pink slipper that he always attempts to chew on so that he can just cut that last tooth and stop the runny nose business. So all in all I'm home finally, but inbetween the three a day fifteen minute doses of the albeuteral (he has to inhale it through a mask thingy and it takes about fifteen minutes to finish up) and the two a day doses of the amoxacillin and his bottles and CRAZY picky eating habits right now (notice EVERY single peice of carrot spread across his tray neatly??? He thinks it's hilarious....geez)

I'm not even cleaning my house much less making time to put a nice little bloggy blog blog with trip pictures up yet. Considering the fact that corban won't nap in his bed with all the stuffyness of his nose and will only nap on me and adding in the point that he wants to sleep 29 hours a day because he's not feeling good I'm surprised that I've been able to shower each and everyday this week. Makeup's a whole 'nother story. well my hubby's home it's time to go to bed. Night.


Tina said...

Oh NO Amanda!!! Having a sick baby is worse than being sick yourself!!! Give a kiss to Corban for me will ya! Poor kid-o. Take it easy and when life settles down then you can blog all the fun details to us!!!

mleinslc said...

Oh man!! That sounds like a pretty bad ear infection if they had to do the nebulizer and stuff! I hope he feels better soon so you can guys can catch up on sleep! Can't wait to see the pics from the trip!

The Larsens