Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Peice of me: Brittney Spears

k. first find that b. spears song on my play list, get it playing, now focus on the fact that. As soon as I got onto my page to post a little tid bit and that song was playing, corban started bustin a move because he's just that cool! (he recognizes the song because it's one of my ring tones.) Anywho I officially have a job at Modifi Salon and Massage here in centerville. It's right off of I-15 almost so anyone looking for an appointment can find it easily ;) (shameless plug) I start the first week of June and can start accepting appointments the second week in June. And, by the way, anyone that would want to try acrylic nails, for just product cost, I need to be able to do them faster so I need practice to speed up. What a terrible sentence, grammatically of coarse...yikes. that's about it ladies and gents.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

not my fault really.

so anyway once again I've been ignoring my blogging duties, but that's not a new concept to any of you! wanna know who's fault it is??? it's Emily's!!! and Stephanie Meyer's. I hadn't thought of reading her new book The Host until Emily said it was amazing. Then jack bought it for me for our anniversary (even though we weren't going to do gifts this year!!). So...all in all 600 + pages...done and done. and yes. it was amazing. Action, suspense, tears, wonderful character development that makes you really get to know what they are feeling. Awful for those of you that want to be in control of your life. I believe corban has been sufficiently neglected this week, he will get whatever he wants this week ;) ****DO NOT start reading it unless you have time to finish. *****Recap: Our 3 year anniversary was on the 14Th. Jack bought me the most thoughtful gift ever: all the twilight series (I had borrowed them when I read them) and The Host (as a fore mentioned) AND CHOCOLATES! My man delivered!! Next item on the dockit: Jack's amazing at his new job. He's already had a NATIONAL customer call him personally to tell him what a good job he's been doing on their account, and she wrote an email to his boss to let them know that they wanted to send out a company wide email showing what jack sends out each morning to show progress and make sure they know if snags are being resolved! woot woo right? corban's still cute. we bought a pool. (it's one of those pools that's like 10 feet across and 2 and a half feet deep fun fun) so be thinking pool party... wink wink nudge nudge. Sam's still a stinker. and last but not least I think I almost have the job. cross your fingers. I'm not going to do a recent video right now because it's late and my hubby is waiting and I don't want to stay up for it to load but I can put a corban pic on that isn't toooooo long ago. He adores daniel! one day he just wanted to snuggle but daniel was headed for a nap. He VERY graciously allowed my slobbery little guy to lay in his bed with him. what a good uncle right?? have a good one. gnight.
*EDIT* so corban just saw this post and went breserk! "DANNOL! DANNOL!" he could care less if he's in it...he's just such a big daniel fan. ha ha.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Cinco De Mayo (a day late...)

So I have some major news:

Drum roll...Corban can suck out of a straw now!!! Halleluja!!! (ha...I bet you all thought it was something different...) that is my news plus and I had a job interview yesterday at a salon here in centerville called Modifi. all I have to do now for the job is go in and do a cut and style to show her I'm not a total loss. ha ha. so now any of you that are hankerin for a cut or color or something fun I'll have 2-3 days a week in the salon that I'd be more than happy to help out with your cosmetology needs. I think that's about it other than just some catch up stuff like, we went to a UVU vs. BYU baseball game yesterday with the updikes and had a blast. even though they waited in line for 6 innings for their hot dogs lame. We sat on the grass and it was a totally fun fam night activity. I cleaned out our cute little prizm from jack's grandpa and it really spiffed up nicely. I think I'm going to send the honda with jack from now on ;) Have a good week. it's may, it's sunny, there's no reason to not have a good week (look at it that way, because there's too many things that you can be unhappy about.)

oh, last thing, I was checkin some other blogs and rusti has come across this guy that does these videos that are hilarious so I'd suggest checking her blog out and watching the "Nothing box" post.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oi vey....

(okay so I don't really actually know what oi vey means or is actually spelled like but that's really really what I feel like I'm sticking with it.)
my son is a nutter. a mad man. a crazy. whatever your favorite description of these words are would suffice I'm sure. He has discovered a new game: pull Sam's tail-he nips ever so gently at Corban's hand to say 'watch it bub'-and he laughs and laughs and laughs. I need to rephrase the beginning of that sentence to say: he discovers new and crazy games EVERY DAY. Take for instance when I was making fudgey rice crispies (not worth the pain in my opinion)...He wanted to bake as well, so he started pulling things out of the cupboards that don't have child locks on them such as: 2 muffin tins, a large colander, a huge pot, the electric hand mixer (he even makes the little noises when he's playing with it) oh and a giant lid that makes the most horrid loud noises when he slams it on the floor. He also quite recently has to tell every one "right back" and hold his hand out as if he's going to tell you to "talk to the hand" because he wants you to know he's going to come right back. Sometimes that's all he'll do. He'll walk up to my dad "right back" (hand goes up) then walk away. He turns the corner, then comes right back and says hello. he's such a goof off. It's not that he's being really obnoxious or anything, it's just a ton of work, and a lot of cleaning because he's making messes faster than I can clean them up even if I do have him help clean up.
Oh, side note, Jack is officially at Knight Transportation. He started Monday, and loves it. He says it's stressful work, but doesn't look like it's nearly as stressful as the restaurant business. He leaves at the literal butt crack of dawn (5:45 am) but gets home around 6 so that is just stinkin lovely! we've really been shocked by these regular people hours but I'm pretty sure that we're almost adjusted.
Any who, I'm pretty sure that Corban, and Sam have me busy enough for two moms let a lone little old me. Corban thinks it's really fun to give Sam treats, or steal his treats, or his toys and I get to hover to make sure that Sam doesn't just haul off and bite Corban because it's the last straw or something. Sam is doing really really well for only being a year old (we found out his birthday was the 30Th of April) He even knows that if he steals something back from Corban he'd better just go straight to his kennel or suffer the wrath of mom. ;) well, I'd better save some of Corban's nap time to do something productive. just thought I'd vent for a min.
ps. if anyone wants to shoot me an email that can tell me how to change all the background stuff on my page I'd love to ravamp the ugliness of this page.

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