Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Cinco De Mayo (a day late...)

So I have some major news:

Drum roll...Corban can suck out of a straw now!!! Halleluja!!! (ha...I bet you all thought it was something different...) that is my news plus and I had a job interview yesterday at a salon here in centerville called Modifi. all I have to do now for the job is go in and do a cut and style to show her I'm not a total loss. ha ha. so now any of you that are hankerin for a cut or color or something fun I'll have 2-3 days a week in the salon that I'd be more than happy to help out with your cosmetology needs. I think that's about it other than just some catch up stuff like, we went to a UVU vs. BYU baseball game yesterday with the updikes and had a blast. even though they waited in line for 6 innings for their hot dogs lame. We sat on the grass and it was a totally fun fam night activity. I cleaned out our cute little prizm from jack's grandpa and it really spiffed up nicely. I think I'm going to send the honda with jack from now on ;) Have a good week. it's may, it's sunny, there's no reason to not have a good week (look at it that way, because there's too many things that you can be unhappy about.)

oh, last thing, I was checkin some other blogs and rusti has come across this guy that does these videos that are hilarious so I'd suggest checking her blog out and watching the "Nothing box" post.


canyouhearme? said...

congrats on the job! i wish i lived close by so you could make my hair pretty!

Tina said...

WOOT! Straw sucking is pretty exciting!! LOL. I am sure you will get the job because you are the best stylist EVER!

Emily said...

Cool news on the job!! That should be fun to get out a few times a week!

Fun to see you and your Mom and Brittany's shower!

We might need to see some more pics of the kiddo on here - it's been a while! :)

Rusti said...

Sheesh I'm behind! Great news about the job! You'll have to post about it and let us know how it's going. :)

Rusti said...

I'm here to harrass you- It's been too long! What's the latest?? :D

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