Sunday, May 25, 2008

not my fault really.

so anyway once again I've been ignoring my blogging duties, but that's not a new concept to any of you! wanna know who's fault it is??? it's Emily's!!! and Stephanie Meyer's. I hadn't thought of reading her new book The Host until Emily said it was amazing. Then jack bought it for me for our anniversary (even though we weren't going to do gifts this year!!). So...all in all 600 + pages...done and done. and yes. it was amazing. Action, suspense, tears, wonderful character development that makes you really get to know what they are feeling. Awful for those of you that want to be in control of your life. I believe corban has been sufficiently neglected this week, he will get whatever he wants this week ;) ****DO NOT start reading it unless you have time to finish. *****Recap: Our 3 year anniversary was on the 14Th. Jack bought me the most thoughtful gift ever: all the twilight series (I had borrowed them when I read them) and The Host (as a fore mentioned) AND CHOCOLATES! My man delivered!! Next item on the dockit: Jack's amazing at his new job. He's already had a NATIONAL customer call him personally to tell him what a good job he's been doing on their account, and she wrote an email to his boss to let them know that they wanted to send out a company wide email showing what jack sends out each morning to show progress and make sure they know if snags are being resolved! woot woo right? corban's still cute. we bought a pool. (it's one of those pools that's like 10 feet across and 2 and a half feet deep fun fun) so be thinking pool party... wink wink nudge nudge. Sam's still a stinker. and last but not least I think I almost have the job. cross your fingers. I'm not going to do a recent video right now because it's late and my hubby is waiting and I don't want to stay up for it to load but I can put a corban pic on that isn't toooooo long ago. He adores daniel! one day he just wanted to snuggle but daniel was headed for a nap. He VERY graciously allowed my slobbery little guy to lay in his bed with him. what a good uncle right?? have a good one. gnight.
*EDIT* so corban just saw this post and went breserk! "DANNOL! DANNOL!" he could care less if he's in it...he's just such a big daniel fan. ha ha.


Rusti said...

Yay an update! hehe

I sooo know what you mean about The Host! I la-la-loved it! Have you read the Twilight series yet? Same deal there, lots of neglect. I do love Stephanie Meyers for it though.

Hope you had a wonderful Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Corban is getting too big--little cutie. Heather and I are both reading "The Host" right now. I'm almost half way through--I love it! I can't wait for the Eclipse movie to come out--December, I think! And I already have the fourth book on pre-order! Crazy stuff! Glad to hear all is well with Jack's new job and that you're all happy and healthy! Love you Big bunches, Bronwyn

Emily said...

Ha ha! Good ole Stephanie Meyer! Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!
Cute litte Corban and his uncle! I just love his little voice!

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