Monday, March 31, 2008

Ode to my hubby.

I'm just going to take this quiet time that I have while corban is asleep (for the moment) to brag/pay tribute on the world wide web to my wonderful spouse. My Other Half. My Sexy. My Jack. Lets recap some of the last months. January Appendicitis: he stays with me allllll night long in a very uncomfortable chair that does no reclining just so that I'm not lonely. February Valentines: he buys me the first season of Deadliest Catch from Discovery Channel (I was obsessed with it when I was pregnant with corban, How sweet that he remembered.) March or maybe this was still February Color me Mine: he took me on a date to a place called Color me mine ( they've got them all over the world so you should all check it out!) where you pick out your own bisque piece of pottery, (they have all sorts of things to choose, from piggy banks to huge party platters) then paint it however you'd like, then they fire it for you, and you pick it up and take it home. After color me mine we went to Gandolfo's for sandwiches and CHEESE CAKE!!! YUM!!! cute Saturday morning date huh?? There's more: All through the last several months I've been some-what "PMS-ie" at least one or two days of the month (because of different birth control pills we're guessing) and he hasn't even flipped out on me or anything! I can cry and cry for no reason what so ever and he just cuddles up to me and lets me finish. He takes corban when I feel like I can't handle it. Even when I bite his head off for no reason in particular, just because the hormones tell me that's a good idea...He's a peach. An absolute peach. I have no other way of describing him. Always sweet and juicy, and fuzzy on the outside :). Oh, and just today (corban and I have a cold) he left work to bring me cough drops, and two new movies to watch, and a new game to play (that was in the morning!) Later he cut a deal with another manager so that he could come home to me and corban for an hour and a half which is a huge deal considering today is "end of month" where they total all the numbers and send them in to cooperate. On top of working all the live long day today (from 7 AM 3/31/2008 until probably close to 1:30 AM 4/1/2008) he's so sweet to call and chit chat with me for a minute just because I need to. He really is the sweetest, and I am the luckiest.

anywho, I strayed off this page for a bit to look up some random stuff on the web and found a few interesting tid bits that people might have interest in if you are planning any road trips, or anything Disney related. The first three are all part of one article I believe. I just love how this lady writes, and the last one is the Disney one. enjoy.
Web surfin' USA. in my vote: best road trip idea EVER...Foodie road trip. Ways to do a road trip without breaking the bank. A road map to back seat peace. Discounts for all things Disney.

Monday, March 24, 2008

New Tricks

Happy Easter! Corban had a ball with his Easter basket goods yesterday and got to experience a few new things. Take for instance the first time we've sat on the benches in sacrament meeting instead of the chairs...he really liked the part where he found out he could crawl underneath the pews. Luckily my great aunt and my grandma were the ones on the bench behind us so it didn't disturb any strangers trying to feel the spirit of sacrament meeting or anything. Corban also realized my mom and dad were up on the stand because my mom was playing the organ yesterday, so he tried to wave to them. From clear across the chapel mind you. As soon as he saw Daniel helping to pass the sacrament say adios to quiet child, and hello screamer! "DAAAAAANNNNNN! DAAAAAAANNNNNNA!!!" Thanks to my great aunt for telling him how to say Daniels name more clearly before church, he thought this was a perfectly nice thing to do because we were clapping for him when he did it at home. :0 Needless to say he wouldn't stop yelling at Daniel to get his attention, so we had to cover his pie hole and run him out of sacrament meeting. Apparently my mom was busting up on the stand during this whole thing because she knew exactly who's child was making all the ruckus. After church we ate a DELICIOUS meal of roast, baked potatoes, some soup, and asparagus. After that we all dyed Easter eggs. Corban loved watching the little dye tablets fizz in the vinegar. So of coarse he had to touch them as well. My mom does such a great job with Corban, she's the cutest grandma! She let him dye his very own egg, stick his hands all in the dye and everything. Then she even cleans him up afterwards! Best of both worlds don't you think?? Lets your child get into a huge mess, then clean them up before giving them back??? I'm a lucky duck. He had some pretty colorful little hands when we put him in the bath that night though ;) . Just an FYI my son tried to copy cat me this morning when I said "now what?" to him...but then it kind of turned into a "no" instead of "now" and connected the dots in his head to realize "so that's how you say that word that my mom is always saying to me..." So he's no longer my little yes man. He keeps telling me No. this could get interesting. ciou for now! Happy Easter again!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One more thing

I changed my music player thank goodness. And scouts honor I wasn't high when I chose all the songs I promise. I just have a wide range of music tastes. Oh and please please please check out the web pages on the left. the In the motherhood needs to be watched because it is so stinking hilarious!!! it's a web page devoted to moms, so moms write in a story, then they make a little webisode about this real experience. To watch all of the episodes takes maybe an hour and a half but it doesn't neccisarily need to go in order. thanks.

Good Vs. Evil

Lets expand on my angel child that is slowly being taken over by something that will require an exorcism ASAP...


Good: sitting in the rocking chair, snuggling up with his blanket. smiling and kinda babbling under his pacifier.
I took the picture because I was so pleased with how sweet, calm, and just plain good he was being.

not 7 minutes later: same rocking chair, same child, not same attitude.

Bad: dumping out my little herb green house. (The one that I've been growing and nourishing since the end of January...the one that I was going to photograph tonight to prove I wasn't killing something green... instead I'm showing the scene of the crime.)
I promise...I was taking care of those little plants and corban loved helping me water the "babies" every day, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't sabotage, but I was so proud that I hadn't killed them or anything! "ahh! my babies! my poor, poor, little poopsies." (ha, I've always wanted to use that line. name the movie)

Just so you people know that I am not totally against parenthood right now here's a video of my little menace this evening after he pulled out a dance dance revolution mat, and turned on the xbox, and attempted to turn on the tv so that he could play. You may have to adjust your volume to be able to hear any of the music on the video to see that he's attempting to dance to a beat... ;)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"You dumped out the whole loaf??"

I find myself asking questions similar in nature all day, every day with my funny little boy corban. He is getting to be quite self sufficient I guess you could say. He will nab the corner of a bread loaf sack hanging off the edge of the counter, and pull it down, untie the twist tie, and usually just remove a single slice (avoiding the heal of coarse. I did teach him that ;) ) but lately he's discovered the art of holding any sack by the bottom corner and letting go with the other hand that was stabilizing whatever was being held in the bag, thus dumping the contents onto the floor. Which is fine with a sack of peek-a-blocks but not so great with bread. luckily it was the butt end of the loaf so there were only 3-4 peices left. To brag a little...he did just try to put the slice he had taken out of the stack on the floor back when I questioned his endeavors. Don't worry, I told him he could eat it since he got it out. I'm not heartless. ;)
Anyway, I just kinda have this desire to post about a whole hodge podge (for lack of a better way to phrase it) of things that have been on my mind. Spring usually does that to me. Here we go: Does anyone else every really really really want to throw caution to the wind and take an impromptu road trip someplace??? Someone always comes along when I'm thinking this and rains a whole bunch of "responsibility" on me. I don't know whether this desire comes from being a stay at home mom and wanting to go on a new adventure with my little heathen, or wanting to see how much car time corban can really stand being an angel, or if it's just simply I've been on one and only one road trip that was completely wonderful (even if I was nauseated almost the whole trip because I was about 12 weeks pregnant). I just don't know the reasoning, but I am just hankerin for a road trip. HEY I just had a thought! maybe it's me missing the road trips to places like lake powell and yellowstone. Those were always the greatest. Family+cousins+warheads (usually) =good times.
next item on my mind: jack is officially leaving Carrabba's. They (jack and carrabba's as an entity) are leaving each other on good terms. That's pretty much all I can "officially" tell about but there will be more to come as far as dates that he's actually leaving, and a new job and such but just so you don't worry, he has a prospect in the works right now that is quote "80 percent sure things will work out on our end" (perspective employer said to jack on the phone).
Next: our contract is up on april 30th and if we want to stay for another year we'd have to sign a 15 month contract on top of the extra 100 bucks a month they're upping the rent. In other words, we can't afford that extra 100 bucks on top of the extra 150 a month we're payin in my fun appendicitis experience. To make a long subject longer: we're moving. don't know where exactly. but we're moving come the end of april.
Kinda next but mostly connected to the last one is that we're super super house hungry. I think that's pretty self explanitory: House Hungry.
You think this is a long enough post? I think yes. I hope you've enjoyed the ramblings of an unorganized crazy person.
any comments on house hunting or apartments in the greater salt lake area (including the draper and more westward valley) would be greatly appreciated!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'll tell you what...

Man oh angel baby wasn't quite his usual angel-self tonight when my family and I went to Stella's grill to see my cousin Ryan off to Iraq. I had no stinkin idea what to do! Here's the scenario. We walk into this cute little place off of 900 E. in SLC, corban had just barely fallen asleep in the car 30 seconds before we turned into the parking lot so he was just kinda waking up. We see the Kirk/Wells fam. around the corner of the door way and corban is just smiling at everyone, like he normally know that shy sideways smile tired toddlers do??? anyway, he's pretty mellow at first and then he see's that I am wanting him to talk to the other kids there and say hi and he starts into a mood that I've never seen him in before! I was letting him walk around the table by himself until he wandered into the other portion of the dining room where he banged on some LOUD wooden chairs. So I carried him back to the table and he lost it. he wouldn't sit on my lap, he wouldn't sit in the high chair (and I didn't want to start the high chair fiasco until food had arrived) he wouldn't sit on grandma's lap, he just kept doing that toddler arch that negates you bending their body into any sort of sitting position. then he started wailing and whining. We tried sitting on the chairs, and the bench, neither were to his satisfaction. The only thing left was to take him outside. Did you people notice the weather in Salt Lake around six tonight???? two words for you. BLI-ZARD. anyway, I got him into the carseat after breaking a very good sweat trying to fight the toddler arch, and turned on the car, put in good ol' josh groban and started trying to navigate an unfamiliar neighborhood during near-white out conditions while my son is just wailing at me...he did eventually stop because he fell asleep. There was no way I was waking him up to take him back inside the restaurant so that I could fight him all over again while trying to get a few bites of my dinner into my mouth so my bestest mom in the whole world brought my food out to me in my little igloo so that I could eat while he slept. phew. This sounds as though I'm being facetious about acting shocked about his actions tonight but I really really am!!! this was totally uncharacteristic. And of coarse it's a night where jack's at work so I don't have a back up ya know??? I swear that he is normally a joy to take out to eat. He shows off all his little "tricks," and shares crayons with other kids, and eats his food, and says please and thank you. No joke. PLEASE and THANK YOU. in his little baby signs of coarse.

well, my venting is all done so now I can just tell you to click on tina's link on the side of my page so that you can all check out her post called LOOOONNNNGGGG POST or something like that, it has some of the really great pics that she did of corban for me on a digi-scrapbook page! Super cute! I was going to tell ya'll about it sooner when I typed up a whole entry about stuff I was grateful for then our stupid wireless went down, and it hadn't saved anything that I had typed so I kinda forgot for a minute. Tina does an amazing job and digital scrapbooking and you should all check out her link on my page, then also click on her link to her design blog if you've got a sec. thanks a bunch.

here's a pic of corban's pony tail getting ready for that girls night in last week. sorry you can't see him very clearly-he's wiggly.
oh and ps thanks for all the comments. I love getting comments. that's my fav. even when it just shows you that someone read your entry you get a warm fuzzy ya know??? ttyl
I just finished this blog entry and then watched this video that my grandma sent to me...I'm so heartless. Watch this ****TISSUES REQUIRED*******

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Girls night

I had some chiquitas over tonight for a girls night in. it was a blast, I made mini cupcakes and cheese fondue. yummy. anyway I'm going to bed now. jacks staying up playing halo.

Monday, March 3, 2008

silly boys

Here's a funny toddler video for those of you that need a chuckle. (Sorry it's all grainy, major bummer...)

He just started doing this all on his own the other night so we laughed and clapped to encourage him until I could get some on my camera phone. I'm not sure if he's the ham for attention or we're just too easy a crowd... ;)

Okee doke I'm doing my long overdue "tagged duties" and I'll add some latest corban pics!

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Clean flix (personal fav...get paid to watch whatever I want while doing nothing else!!! and take home whatever four movies I wanted at a time as long as I'd like for free??? it was a slow slow store.)
2. Viewmont Child Care Center (crazy underpaid....)
3. Express (loved loved loved getting a discount on their clothes and loved working retail!)
4. Adventure Time (another child care position which was a hoot but sad because not a single child in the zebra's class (3-4 yr olds) that I'd sub in had a dad living at home.

Four movies I would (or have) watch over and over:
1. You've got mail (cliche I know)
2. Cars (for corban's sake)
3. Pillow Talk (woot woo rock hudson....)
4. Notting Hill (I have to get rid of it because corban's starting to copy cat things he hears in movies and those brits just don't use the same manners when it comes to the f word...)

Four places I have lived:
1. (this is going to be saaaaad.)
2. Orem, UT
3. Centerville, UT
4. why are you still hangin around this question silly? I'm done....sad I know.

Four TV Shows that I watch:
1. House
2. The Office (when my grandma invites me over for a girls night which is one of my absolute favvvvvs)
3. Everybody loves Raymond (did I mention our tv's busted so I can only watch old seasons of this stuff on DVD?)
4. Used to love America's next top model when I could watch it

Four places I have been:
1. San Fransisco
2. Oahu, HA
3. Zions
4. Yellow Stone (in the wintertime on snowmobiles best vacation ever!)

People who email me (regularly):
1. Mom
2. Grandma A
3. DeAnn
4. Facebook crazies...

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Mac and Cheese. yes I'm coming out of the closet.
2. Chocolate-any and EVERY kind!!!
3. anything expensive and really pretty and small ;)
4. King Crab from Flemmings...their butter reduction is heavenly...

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. getting a massage I've never had one but my back is voting that I try it out.
2. sitting in a clean apartment? (that I didn't have to clean)
3. Hawaii (my lucky in-laws are there right now, I offered to join them.)
4. Getting any other spa treatment

Four Things I am looking forward to in 2008:
1. getting jack away from carrabba's!!!!!!!!!!! I just broke my exclamation point button...jk
2. i would say paying off my appendectomy but that's not until march 2009 *tear*
3. finding out more of what corban has to say (he really really really wants to talk!)
4. the half way mark for ben's mission!

Four friends I tag:
1. Tina
2. Gwyn
3. Sara Davia
4. Kristen Phillips
*copy and paste then delete my answers and put your own down*

Now that I'm finished with feeling guilty for not playing tag we can move on :) here are my two cute boys when we were all driving down to utah county for my cousin erica's wedding. Take note that this was a short lived sweet moment between the two of them because corban thinks that when I tell same "No!" I'm hitting him, (which I'm not), so now he thinks it's funny to smack my puppy....we're working on it though, and sam is being better than you could ever expect a 9 month old puppy to be. he just kinda squints and flinches when corban's smackin him. poor guy.

Oh I have one more video to add of these two yahoo's. It's off of my phone so I can't guarantee that it'll be very clear but here are the basics. I bought corban a hand held bubble blower that has a little fan so it makes a little whirring noise if you push the button. Sam doesn't like the sound of it and tries to kinda hide from it (he's kind of a wussy puppy when it comes to unfamiliar sights and sounds) while corban wants to play "chase the puppy" which is a game where we chase Sam around the table and bark and he runs all over too. Diagram that sentence. ha.

The Larsens