Monday, March 31, 2008

Ode to my hubby.

I'm just going to take this quiet time that I have while corban is asleep (for the moment) to brag/pay tribute on the world wide web to my wonderful spouse. My Other Half. My Sexy. My Jack. Lets recap some of the last months. January Appendicitis: he stays with me allllll night long in a very uncomfortable chair that does no reclining just so that I'm not lonely. February Valentines: he buys me the first season of Deadliest Catch from Discovery Channel (I was obsessed with it when I was pregnant with corban, How sweet that he remembered.) March or maybe this was still February Color me Mine: he took me on a date to a place called Color me mine ( they've got them all over the world so you should all check it out!) where you pick out your own bisque piece of pottery, (they have all sorts of things to choose, from piggy banks to huge party platters) then paint it however you'd like, then they fire it for you, and you pick it up and take it home. After color me mine we went to Gandolfo's for sandwiches and CHEESE CAKE!!! YUM!!! cute Saturday morning date huh?? There's more: All through the last several months I've been some-what "PMS-ie" at least one or two days of the month (because of different birth control pills we're guessing) and he hasn't even flipped out on me or anything! I can cry and cry for no reason what so ever and he just cuddles up to me and lets me finish. He takes corban when I feel like I can't handle it. Even when I bite his head off for no reason in particular, just because the hormones tell me that's a good idea...He's a peach. An absolute peach. I have no other way of describing him. Always sweet and juicy, and fuzzy on the outside :). Oh, and just today (corban and I have a cold) he left work to bring me cough drops, and two new movies to watch, and a new game to play (that was in the morning!) Later he cut a deal with another manager so that he could come home to me and corban for an hour and a half which is a huge deal considering today is "end of month" where they total all the numbers and send them in to cooperate. On top of working all the live long day today (from 7 AM 3/31/2008 until probably close to 1:30 AM 4/1/2008) he's so sweet to call and chit chat with me for a minute just because I need to. He really is the sweetest, and I am the luckiest.

anywho, I strayed off this page for a bit to look up some random stuff on the web and found a few interesting tid bits that people might have interest in if you are planning any road trips, or anything Disney related. The first three are all part of one article I believe. I just love how this lady writes, and the last one is the Disney one. enjoy.
Web surfin' USA. in my vote: best road trip idea EVER...Foodie road trip. Ways to do a road trip without breaking the bank. A road map to back seat peace. Discounts for all things Disney.


Tina said...

Aw... what a sweetie Jack is! He has a pretty awesome wifey too!

canyouhearme? said...

this is the cutest little tribute!

don't you just hate it when your hormones tell you it's a good idea to do so many things that aren't really that good of ideas. dumb hormones. they are liars.

Rusti said...

He is a pretty good guy! I'm glad you have each other.

I've been wanting to try the Color Me Mine place for years. I think it looks like so much fun.

Rusti said...

Oops I forgot to ask: was it very expensive?

Anonymous said...

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