Thursday, March 20, 2008

One more thing

I changed my music player thank goodness. And scouts honor I wasn't high when I chose all the songs I promise. I just have a wide range of music tastes. Oh and please please please check out the web pages on the left. the In the motherhood needs to be watched because it is so stinking hilarious!!! it's a web page devoted to moms, so moms write in a story, then they make a little webisode about this real experience. To watch all of the episodes takes maybe an hour and a half but it doesn't neccisarily need to go in order. thanks.

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canyouhearme? said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments and including my shop under "places your growing fond of." I like listening to your music with the thought of you NOT being high while selecting them. hahahaha that line seriously cracked me up!

The Larsens