Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good Vs. Evil

Lets expand on my angel child that is slowly being taken over by something that will require an exorcism ASAP...


Good: sitting in the rocking chair, snuggling up with his blanket. smiling and kinda babbling under his pacifier.
I took the picture because I was so pleased with how sweet, calm, and just plain good he was being.

not 7 minutes later: same rocking chair, same child, not same attitude.

Bad: dumping out my little herb green house. (The one that I've been growing and nourishing since the end of January...the one that I was going to photograph tonight to prove I wasn't killing something green... instead I'm showing the scene of the crime.)
I promise...I was taking care of those little plants and corban loved helping me water the "babies" every day, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't sabotage, but I was so proud that I hadn't killed them or anything! "ahh! my babies! my poor, poor, little poopsies." (ha, I've always wanted to use that line. name the movie)

Just so you people know that I am not totally against parenthood right now here's a video of my little menace this evening after he pulled out a dance dance revolution mat, and turned on the xbox, and attempted to turn on the tv so that he could play. You may have to adjust your volume to be able to hear any of the music on the video to see that he's attempting to dance to a beat... ;)


Marie said...

"The Little Mermaid"! Thats the movie... whoo hoo! Sorry about your plants.... but Corban is so cute in that video!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Coban is growing very fast and is very cute. We all sat here and watched the video. Be gald your plants weren't big enough for him to fling them around. We love all of you.
Love, Mom

Tina said...

Don't ya just LOVE the little STINKERS!!!! Corban is TOO CUTE!! Love the video of him!!! Sorry your plants met a fatal end! LOL

Loots said...

That movie is so cute!

Oh, in case you're wondering, I'm blog surfing and got here through Heidi. :)

The Larsens