Monday, March 3, 2008

silly boys

Here's a funny toddler video for those of you that need a chuckle. (Sorry it's all grainy, major bummer...)

He just started doing this all on his own the other night so we laughed and clapped to encourage him until I could get some on my camera phone. I'm not sure if he's the ham for attention or we're just too easy a crowd... ;)

Okee doke I'm doing my long overdue "tagged duties" and I'll add some latest corban pics!

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Clean flix (personal fav...get paid to watch whatever I want while doing nothing else!!! and take home whatever four movies I wanted at a time as long as I'd like for free??? it was a slow slow store.)
2. Viewmont Child Care Center (crazy underpaid....)
3. Express (loved loved loved getting a discount on their clothes and loved working retail!)
4. Adventure Time (another child care position which was a hoot but sad because not a single child in the zebra's class (3-4 yr olds) that I'd sub in had a dad living at home.

Four movies I would (or have) watch over and over:
1. You've got mail (cliche I know)
2. Cars (for corban's sake)
3. Pillow Talk (woot woo rock hudson....)
4. Notting Hill (I have to get rid of it because corban's starting to copy cat things he hears in movies and those brits just don't use the same manners when it comes to the f word...)

Four places I have lived:
1. (this is going to be saaaaad.)
2. Orem, UT
3. Centerville, UT
4. why are you still hangin around this question silly? I'm done....sad I know.

Four TV Shows that I watch:
1. House
2. The Office (when my grandma invites me over for a girls night which is one of my absolute favvvvvs)
3. Everybody loves Raymond (did I mention our tv's busted so I can only watch old seasons of this stuff on DVD?)
4. Used to love America's next top model when I could watch it

Four places I have been:
1. San Fransisco
2. Oahu, HA
3. Zions
4. Yellow Stone (in the wintertime on snowmobiles best vacation ever!)

People who email me (regularly):
1. Mom
2. Grandma A
3. DeAnn
4. Facebook crazies...

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Mac and Cheese. yes I'm coming out of the closet.
2. Chocolate-any and EVERY kind!!!
3. anything expensive and really pretty and small ;)
4. King Crab from Flemmings...their butter reduction is heavenly...

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. getting a massage I've never had one but my back is voting that I try it out.
2. sitting in a clean apartment? (that I didn't have to clean)
3. Hawaii (my lucky in-laws are there right now, I offered to join them.)
4. Getting any other spa treatment

Four Things I am looking forward to in 2008:
1. getting jack away from carrabba's!!!!!!!!!!! I just broke my exclamation point button...jk
2. i would say paying off my appendectomy but that's not until march 2009 *tear*
3. finding out more of what corban has to say (he really really really wants to talk!)
4. the half way mark for ben's mission!

Four friends I tag:
1. Tina
2. Gwyn
3. Sara Davia
4. Kristen Phillips
*copy and paste then delete my answers and put your own down*

Now that I'm finished with feeling guilty for not playing tag we can move on :) here are my two cute boys when we were all driving down to utah county for my cousin erica's wedding. Take note that this was a short lived sweet moment between the two of them because corban thinks that when I tell same "No!" I'm hitting him, (which I'm not), so now he thinks it's funny to smack my puppy....we're working on it though, and sam is being better than you could ever expect a 9 month old puppy to be. he just kinda squints and flinches when corban's smackin him. poor guy.

Oh I have one more video to add of these two yahoo's. It's off of my phone so I can't guarantee that it'll be very clear but here are the basics. I bought corban a hand held bubble blower that has a little fan so it makes a little whirring noise if you push the button. Sam doesn't like the sound of it and tries to kinda hide from it (he's kind of a wussy puppy when it comes to unfamiliar sights and sounds) while corban wants to play "chase the puppy" which is a game where we chase Sam around the table and bark and he runs all over too. Diagram that sentence. ha.


Manatee25 said...

What cute stuff! I have missed your blog posts too!! I just put up a fresh post with pict's of your cute man!! Go check it out!!! (sending you an e-mail with the files too!!)

Rusti said...

Yay! Lots of fun stuff. :) You've got some great updates. Corban is a DOLL! And I'm glad to see you've fulfilled you tagging duties.

The Larsens