Monday, March 24, 2008

New Tricks

Happy Easter! Corban had a ball with his Easter basket goods yesterday and got to experience a few new things. Take for instance the first time we've sat on the benches in sacrament meeting instead of the chairs...he really liked the part where he found out he could crawl underneath the pews. Luckily my great aunt and my grandma were the ones on the bench behind us so it didn't disturb any strangers trying to feel the spirit of sacrament meeting or anything. Corban also realized my mom and dad were up on the stand because my mom was playing the organ yesterday, so he tried to wave to them. From clear across the chapel mind you. As soon as he saw Daniel helping to pass the sacrament say adios to quiet child, and hello screamer! "DAAAAAANNNNNN! DAAAAAAANNNNNNA!!!" Thanks to my great aunt for telling him how to say Daniels name more clearly before church, he thought this was a perfectly nice thing to do because we were clapping for him when he did it at home. :0 Needless to say he wouldn't stop yelling at Daniel to get his attention, so we had to cover his pie hole and run him out of sacrament meeting. Apparently my mom was busting up on the stand during this whole thing because she knew exactly who's child was making all the ruckus. After church we ate a DELICIOUS meal of roast, baked potatoes, some soup, and asparagus. After that we all dyed Easter eggs. Corban loved watching the little dye tablets fizz in the vinegar. So of coarse he had to touch them as well. My mom does such a great job with Corban, she's the cutest grandma! She let him dye his very own egg, stick his hands all in the dye and everything. Then she even cleans him up afterwards! Best of both worlds don't you think?? Lets your child get into a huge mess, then clean them up before giving them back??? I'm a lucky duck. He had some pretty colorful little hands when we put him in the bath that night though ;) . Just an FYI my son tried to copy cat me this morning when I said "now what?" to him...but then it kind of turned into a "no" instead of "now" and connected the dots in his head to realize "so that's how you say that word that my mom is always saying to me..." So he's no longer my little yes man. He keeps telling me No. this could get interesting. ciou for now! Happy Easter again!


Tina said...

What a fun Easter!! Corban is such a Q-T! It is so fun to hear all about how fast he is growing up!!!

Rusti said...

Oh that is so much fun when they learn the power of "no". lol That has been Oliver's most favorite work since he learned it. Once he starts saying no, he'll repeat it after every question. Even if it's, "Do you want to have a huge bucket full of candy?"

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