Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'll tell you what...

Man oh angel baby wasn't quite his usual angel-self tonight when my family and I went to Stella's grill to see my cousin Ryan off to Iraq. I had no stinkin idea what to do! Here's the scenario. We walk into this cute little place off of 900 E. in SLC, corban had just barely fallen asleep in the car 30 seconds before we turned into the parking lot so he was just kinda waking up. We see the Kirk/Wells fam. around the corner of the door way and corban is just smiling at everyone, like he normally know that shy sideways smile tired toddlers do??? anyway, he's pretty mellow at first and then he see's that I am wanting him to talk to the other kids there and say hi and he starts into a mood that I've never seen him in before! I was letting him walk around the table by himself until he wandered into the other portion of the dining room where he banged on some LOUD wooden chairs. So I carried him back to the table and he lost it. he wouldn't sit on my lap, he wouldn't sit in the high chair (and I didn't want to start the high chair fiasco until food had arrived) he wouldn't sit on grandma's lap, he just kept doing that toddler arch that negates you bending their body into any sort of sitting position. then he started wailing and whining. We tried sitting on the chairs, and the bench, neither were to his satisfaction. The only thing left was to take him outside. Did you people notice the weather in Salt Lake around six tonight???? two words for you. BLI-ZARD. anyway, I got him into the carseat after breaking a very good sweat trying to fight the toddler arch, and turned on the car, put in good ol' josh groban and started trying to navigate an unfamiliar neighborhood during near-white out conditions while my son is just wailing at me...he did eventually stop because he fell asleep. There was no way I was waking him up to take him back inside the restaurant so that I could fight him all over again while trying to get a few bites of my dinner into my mouth so my bestest mom in the whole world brought my food out to me in my little igloo so that I could eat while he slept. phew. This sounds as though I'm being facetious about acting shocked about his actions tonight but I really really am!!! this was totally uncharacteristic. And of coarse it's a night where jack's at work so I don't have a back up ya know??? I swear that he is normally a joy to take out to eat. He shows off all his little "tricks," and shares crayons with other kids, and eats his food, and says please and thank you. No joke. PLEASE and THANK YOU. in his little baby signs of coarse.

well, my venting is all done so now I can just tell you to click on tina's link on the side of my page so that you can all check out her post called LOOOONNNNGGGG POST or something like that, it has some of the really great pics that she did of corban for me on a digi-scrapbook page! Super cute! I was going to tell ya'll about it sooner when I typed up a whole entry about stuff I was grateful for then our stupid wireless went down, and it hadn't saved anything that I had typed so I kinda forgot for a minute. Tina does an amazing job and digital scrapbooking and you should all check out her link on my page, then also click on her link to her design blog if you've got a sec. thanks a bunch.

here's a pic of corban's pony tail getting ready for that girls night in last week. sorry you can't see him very clearly-he's wiggly.
oh and ps thanks for all the comments. I love getting comments. that's my fav. even when it just shows you that someone read your entry you get a warm fuzzy ya know??? ttyl
I just finished this blog entry and then watched this video that my grandma sent to me...I'm so heartless. Watch this ****TISSUES REQUIRED*******

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Marie said...

Oh Amanda! I can't tell you how nice it is to know that other mothers just like me have to drag their screaming (otherwise adorable) children out of public places too! My day was somewhat similar... just a really bad Wal-mart trip though... and I didn't have a blizzard so I guess I got lucky there. But anyway- it brought a smile to my face reading your post... not because you had such a bad night- but because I don't feel so alone. Thanks for posting! =)

The Larsens