Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cali trip explained finally!!

So that is kinda my cheater way of walking you through our California trip without all the stories I'm sure you're just dying to not read. But hey, the pictures are cute, and for those of you who would actually hear about the trip here's a quick run down:
October 24th: Centerville
October 25th: Fly in at 9:40 ish? and walk around San Fran.
October 26th: Nana watched Corban for us, and we (jack and I) went to six flags. (and jack barfed ha ha)
October 27th: Evan and Alysa (our niece and nephew) got baptized
October 28th: Walked to church in a balmy mid 80 degree weather (neener neener) Went to a BBQ and Bronwynn and Brad's house in Lodi
October 29th: Went shopping at the mall and discovered Illuminations a store that is desperately needed in Utah!!!
October 30th: Ran errands to get ready for Halloween
October 31st: HALLOWEEN!!! Went shopping a few more places to find a much needed skull cap for poor charlie brown! The whole kit and kaboodle came to Modesto. We had home made mac and cheese (yum yum!) and fruit salad, and pumpkin cake. We went out trick or treating, brad left some dog poo in a pumpkin or was a hoot.
November 1st: packed up and left for home
wow...even the short version was long sorry. anyway hope you are all enjoying the nice fall weather. talk to ya lata.


Caroline said...

hey! i didn't know YOU had a blog! hannah has one too. I'm at east high, in 9th grade and it's way way better than middle school *shudder*. what's new with you?

ciaobella said...

Six Flags rocks! Was it the Goliath that got him? lol That one is pretty intense.

You're going to have to expand some more on that Illuminations store.

PS- Once in a while I would check your blog and would always see "the mess I don't want to clean up" at the top and thought it hadn't been updated. lol- I'm a little slow but glad to discover your posts.

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