Thursday, December 6, 2007

a not so quick video

I was just going to post some cute videos of corban real quick from earlier this week...but it' s a lot longer. maybe I'll just do one at a time. I'll try at least. Anyway this is a video of corban and sam goofing off. Sam is the puppy that jack bought me for my birthday so he's about 6 months younger than corban, and they are best of buds! enjoy. sorry if it's can probably skip the last third of the video I didn't crop it first oops.


mleinslc said...

Awwwwww! Sam is so big now!! Don't you wish they could stay puppy-looking forever?!

Max and Ruby are such great buds, even though Max gets on her back and tries to ride her like a horse - yeah, all 10 lbs of her! Ha ha!

Sami said...

how come everyone (i.e. emily, rusti, carrie, hannah, any other fam. i don't know has a blog) left me out of the loop!? am so glad that i finally know about all these blogging women! i thought i was the only one! corbin is HUGE and has blond hair. SO CUTE! i want a puppy. keep in touch! love ya!

ciaobella said...

It was so good to see you guys at the Christmas party. Corban is growing so fast! It's nice to be able to catch a glimpse here and there on the blog inbetween visits. :)

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