Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Corn mazes and crepes

YAY! it's jack's day off today so I actually can write on this thing during the day! We slept in as long as corban would let us but he wanted to play so we had to get up. (when I say 'we' I'm referring to the fact that my sweet hubby got up with corban and took him into the living room to play while leaving me alone in bed to sleep for another 2 hours!!!) THEN jack made crepe's for breakfast while I fed the little bug. Yes I know I'm spoiled rotten. And you know why I don't cook? because jack is an amazing chef. The end. There's no if ands or butts about it. Anyway we're going to go to a corn maze tonight and we're thrilled, I think it'll be way fun!
I went to dinner with my ladies last night (grandma anderson and deann). We started out by going to fazolli's for dinner but didn't actually eat anything because their furnace was broken so it was a little freezing. We went to carrabba's instead to eat. It was yummy, but unfortunately we had a new server....she wasnt' all that grand unfortunately; but it was only her first week working so I'll give her another try a little down the road. After dinner we raced over to the dollar movie theater behind the university mall to see Hairspray with john travolta. DeAnn and I were in the line together while Grandma was parking her car, then she insisted that we just go in and find our seats while she get the tickets. DeAnn and I went into the theater (without our tickets mind you) and tried to find some seats in the almost completely full theater-who'da thunk? After rearranging two rows of people to find our three little seats Grandma came in to find us. She sat next to me and said that they wouldn't sell her any tickets because it was a sold out theater...he hehe, but there we were with seats so she just said that she'd pay them afterwards. So it wasn't stealing or anything. ;) Corban absolutely loved the movie! He kept bouncin' up and down on my lap just dancin and dancin to all the songs in the movie. He even tried to sing along a few times. Although he was so happy about the movie there were a few times I had to stand up in the back with him just because he was squealing so much in delight that it was starting to disturb others I'm sure. And that's not counting the 5 or so minutes when he was intent upon "giving loves" and or slobbering all over my face, from cheeks to collar bones I was drenched with baby slobber. He's such a goon. always slobbery. I'll prove it. here's what he looks like right now:
See the Puddle on the top HALF of his onesie??

See the bubble??? (on his chin) ha ha...good times.


Tina said...

Amanda you are just too funny! I can't believe that Grandma would just stay in the theater! That is such a funny story!! You three crack me up!!

Melvina said...

This is great info to know.

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