Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it's off to c-ville I go....

We didn't end up going to the corn maze after all. Did you people see the weather??? Freezing! and Muddy, but we can cope just fine with mud, just not the freezing part for the kido's. Anyway, I forgot my digital camera in orem so I can't show the pictures of the mess I ran away from. Lets just put it this way: Tissue boxes are now emptied, Jack's Halo 3 sheets are now strewn across the living room, and my markers that I was letting corban draw with yesterday are now also strewn across the entire front half of the apartment. (and that's just the stuff that corban did-not any of jack's or my mess....) I'll try to put up some more recent pictures of my little slobber monster when I get back to my humble abode, but that won't be until after sunday evening. I know you'll be on the edge of your seats but bare with me on this one.
Oh, as a note I'd love to get some of the links to all y'all's sites so that I can keep in touch. (did you enjoy the grammar on that one? I figured that ben is trying to incorporate words like y'all into his speech so I'd give it a go.) just email me your links. Thanks a lot. ttyl.

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Tina said...

No more posts Amanda? Awww..... I would give you my blog address... but I really haven't used it since I started it! lol. To busy digital scrapping!!!! I'm telling ya... once ya try it you'll have a new hobby!!! LOL

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