Sunday, October 14, 2007

entertainment choices

I am quite sure that I'm sick of all the crappy tv shows they keep airing season after season. Lets look at the choices that have been on this evening. (Keep in mind that I get just the regular programing 2-13, and most of the time channels 2-5 are fuzzy, and completely cut out the rest of the time) There was a nice show on abc this evening called Frosted Pink (check it out at which was about raising awareness about women's cancers. It was a total tear jerker...wonderful, no really I was really enjoying the touching side of tv, then my tv crashed. By the time it was working again (after playing many a game of zuma) Frosted Pink was over. I am left with the following options for the rest of the evening:

  • Football-not too bad (but it's not the
  • Simpsons-trash
  • Simpsons-more trash these days
  • King of the Hill-they had boomhauer in daisy duke shorts-eww.
  • Family Guy-needs no commentary or explanation

So, the kido's asleep, I've already tried making lunch sac puppets to fill the hole of boredom so I obviously can't do that...I've already trimmed corban's hair tonight so I can't do that...Still don't have any white thread to finish my quiet book for corban so I can't work on that...In summation I believe that all this boredom is tv's fault. just kidding I'm just really tired of how cruddy it all is and I'm also quite bored of the plethora of movies we own. Oh, and I can't install a really old game on my computer that my mom found at her house, I guess its too old for this computer. I'm really thinking I need to learn how to actually use a computer better. Then I'd have lots to do! Wow. sorry about this's lame I know but its a post none the less. corban's awake. ttyl.

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mleinslc said...

Ahhhhhhh, Zuma. So addicting, yet leaves you with an empty feeling when you're done.. lol

The Larsens