Friday, May 28, 2010


So this is my mirror for my front room (without the glass of course). I got it at a garage sale for $10 last summer. I've loved it ever since. BUT it was a tiny ity bitty bit gold...j/k. it was a LOT gold. And so I give you...(drum roll please) the transformation! {thanks to the All Things Thrifty site for all the really easy tutorials and great ideas!!}
This is a close up of the center details Before:
This is a close up of the corner details Before:
After being Primed and Spray Painted with Krylon cream spray paint...
Close up of the paint... and my duck sheet/spray paint drop cloth...nice.
Ta Da!
Close up of the corner details after I glazed it with a black glaze :) do you love it???
Sorry it's not a better photo- it's a cell phone photo- I have been too lazy to charge my camera battery. And lets excuse the background of mess...


Twilight Book Club aka Kellie Dickes said...

It looks amazing!

Lisel said...


Anonymous said...

I loved it when I was at your house and I am still loving it now!!

Emily said...

Wow - TOTALLY love it!!

I've been looking for a framed mirror like that!

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