Thursday, April 24, 2008


We've moved! We are now at my parents' address, in the basement. we love that we have such close ties and are able to do this! how lucky are we?!? anyway, I just wanted to make a clarification... I saw this pic on msn and had to point out that I WAS going to show up to the next family get together sporting this SAME exact outfit. I guess I was scooped.

Can you beleive this is a Marc Jacobs dress? Maybe I'll pull this one off instead:

I can't imagine why these made it onto a worst dressed list... ;) I just love the gold toes on her shoes/stockings kinda like mens' work/dress socks. Anywho I just wanted to announce that we're still alive a kicking just incase someone was worried or somethin. have a good one. hope the dresses gave ya a giggle.


Emily said...

Wow! Those are pretty terrible! It looks like that Olsen girl is wearing a dress 10 times too big for her. hehe
Glad you guys are doing well! We'll see you tomorrow at Lauren's wedding, right? :)

Tina said...

Wow.... I don't know Amanda... you are WAY to cute to look that bad!! Even in a horrible dress like those!! LOL. Glad the move went well! Hugs to you!!!

Rusti said...

Fantastic- you ARE alive! ;)

Glad things are going so well. And thanks for the entertainment. :)

The Larsens