Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exercise pact continued!!!

Okay, some have said they're interested, some have said they're not. I'm going to put out an open invite to the kick off night so you can come cast your vote on rules and such.
That being said some of the things that have been brought to my attention is this:
First Point: People are getting deterred from participating because they don't want to commit to working out as long or as often as some others in the group. That is so NOT what this group is about. This group is not about comparing weight loss goal, exercise goals, love handle size, or stretch marks. Their goals are their goals. If they want to make a 6 day a week 2 hours/day commitment, that's their funeral. I personally will only be committing to exercising 3 days/week, for 30 min. That's all I have time or desire for. That should not influence anyone else's exercising.
Second point: I think that if someone wants to be a part of this group they need to commit to at least one day a week for 15 min- THATS THE MINIMUM. This is an exercise pact. We need to all have that common goal so we're working together. I don't really care if people count parking out in the boonies for grocery shopping and the grocery shopping (the walking part) takes another 10 min and that's their total 15 min that day. That's walking. That's exercising. We're not going to qualify what counts as exercise and what doesn't. I'm no health expert but you know for yourself when you feel as though your heart rate's going.
Third point: Please Please Please don't commit to toooooo much exercising! I'm not trying to start this group as a means of more income. Each person will contribute to the SAME pot on the add it up parties. There will not be separate pots for separate groups of people that exercise more or less during the weeks. You will be welcome to commit to more days and longer times if you feel like you're not working hard enough but I wouldn't call it fair to let you decrease your days or times.
Fourth point: I think the amount of money that goes into the pot needs to be the same for the whole group, but the amount is up for debate. I picked $.50 to make it plausible for those of us with other monetary goals this year as well as make it something that if you miss 6 workouts a month it will be enough of a hurt to your spending money a little in order to make you not want to miss again. Hopefully none of us will be losing much money, but we'll feel great giving our 1 or two bucks to someone that worked hard and didn't miss as many days.
As for using a cold as an excuse for missing: I read on Jillian Michaels web site once that it's totally okay to exercise when you have any sickness lungs and up. Ex: head cold, cough, flu. Anytime your illness goes beyond your chest down into your abdomen Ex: stomach, intestines; you should take some time off exercising. For those that miss because of illness (throwing up or Dia...) I think there should be a possibility for make up the rest of the month (this is also up for vote).
We will all make our commitments at the kick off party. Please let me know if you would like to attend the kick off. Either via email or phone. If you don't have that info tell me and I'll get that to you :) Good luck. I hope none of this came across abrasively, I just want to make sure that it's all fair to everyone and anyone feels welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hey I don't know if I missed the kick off but count me in. I think it all sounds great. Put me down for 4 days a week for 30mins. I want to go for 1hr but I don't know if I will so I like the idea that you can change you times if you think that you can workout more. I keep telling Daniel that I want to get down two pants sizes. I was going to do the Game On Diet but I like that way eat, I just need to workout.

So I have to say I LOVE THIS IDEA!

Anonymous said...

I am so in! Let me know when.

The Larsens