Thursday, January 21, 2010

a shout out.

I don't know if this post will make any sense but I'm making it anyway. here goes.
I'd NEVER had a full on legitimate massage. I got a gift card for one when I got married but the ladies massage parlor went belly up before I took the opportunity to go get one. I've always been kinda iffy about getting a massage. Lets face it- I always looked at it kinda like a "naked blind date". scary. I'm writing this post to correct my past thoughts about massage publicly! I had the privilege of getting a massage tonight. My friend Kellie is a massage therapist and we decided that I'd do her hair and she'd do a massage as a trade. I was less than....enthused about the whole naked + touching part...can you say awkward? I don't really make appointments with my OB/GYN for fun. nudity isn't my idea of a good time with other people around. Let me say this: the massage was TOTALLY UN-AWKWARD!!!! AND SOOOOO WONDERFUL!!!!! I will now explain why it isn't awkward, and why others out there that would be uncomfortable about the idea of getting a massage could possibly try one out.
  • Your butt crack is never visible! (believe me, I was worried about this one for some reason. ) Only one "side cheek" is visible at any given time.
  • Your front torso is never visible! Promise.
  • You're totally covered except like one limb at a time- so you're all toasty warm under a blanket.
  • It's not some silent ceremony where you have to not talk or joke around. It's fun and comfortable.
  • You control how hard the massage is- it's sooooo relaxing.
  • Totally worth it.

Now here's my plug for Kellie!!! :)

She's AMAZING. So talented for sure. She used to work up in Park City at a day spa where clients would tell her that she was the best massage therapist they've ever had. That coming from people that can afford to get pricey massages all the time is a HUGE compliment and now I know why!!! She makes you so relaxed and even for someone perceiving the experience to be a "naked blind date" at first. She reminds you to breathe deeply so you're relaxed and so that the massage is doing the best that it can for you. She has a huge selection of music to play and nice candles and YUMMY eucalyptus oil. She has one of those nifty soft cushy massage tables. So comfortable. You must call her if you have any desire to have a massage. Even if it's just a back, neck and shoulder one!!! For the full body one that I received it is $45. An hour of bliss for just $45. A total steal. When she was up in Park City a one hour massage would have cost you an arm, your first born child, your pet, and the title to your car. Please Please Please let me know if you're interested! Make a comment on my blog and I'll get her in touch with you. Really. totally worth every cent.

***VALENTINES DAY is only 1 month away. you'd totally score points with a massage!!!!****

Seriously. You need one.

( For those of you that have seen the movie Benchwarmers I feel like Howie {the guy that's scared of the sun} at the end where he steps up to the microphone to say: "I used to think the sun was bad. But it's not! IT'S NOT A MONSTER!!")


princess jen said...

I have to admit that I was totally bummed I had to leave before getting a Kellie massage! My MIL is a massage therapist and I swear by massages. If I could get one once a week, I'd be set!! I'm glad you took the plunge and tried it out.

Marie said...

Ooo... I want one! Guess it's just another reason to move to Utah, a great massage therapist is there AND a great hairdresser! I had some massage therapy after a car accident I was in, I have to say that after 6 weeks of great back massages, I REALLY missed them! I always came out feeling... well... in less pain. =) Maybe this summer I'll have to make some arraingments. ;-)

Stacie Rowley said...

Love the plug for Kellie! Matt got me a gift certificate once to get a maternity massage, but I was to far along to go to Bountiful to do it, so we did a couples massage for our anniversary that year after I had Aaron. Those are pretty nice! A bit less awkward because you have your spouse with you. I should get Matt a session with Kellie for V day. Especially with all his working out. Good Idea Amanada!

Tina said...

I WANT ONE!!!! $45 IS a great deal! To bad I am about 50 short right now! lol. Does she need any photography done??? I can do tradsies!!!

The Robinsons said...

I was nervous about the naked thing too, but ohh as soon as the message started I didn't care at all - I might have to get a message this summer when we visit -that is a great deal.

The Larsens