Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Exercise Pact:

while I was in the shower this is what was thinking: "I wanna get in shape, but I won't do it without help-so I want people to do it with me". Then I thought "what is going to make other people want to do something??" The answer is (a lot of the time) $$$$ ha ha.... here's the plan:

  • Everyone that wants to be a part of it is welcome (your family, friends, bank tellers, really anyone)
  • Everyone that is participating has to put down in writing how many days per week they will exercise, as well as how long they will exercise for each day.
  • At the end of the week you add up how many days you missed, each missed day= $.50. You put your money from missed days in a safe place like a jar (hopefully it's not much)
  • At the end of the MONTH everyone participating comes to my house for an ADD IT UP party where we all fork over the the cash and give the jar-O-$$$ to whoever missed the least # of workouts. Hooray! If it's a tie they'll split it. If no one missed any workouts I'll be happy to add some freebie hair services to the jar for the next months' winner :) And we'll all have a party where we allow some splurging on a few goodies and reward our good behavior.
  • I'm also open to having a kick off night where we go over rules and have a meet n greet.
  • Sound good???

Here are some of the suggestions for other rules I'll put to a vote:

  • A set # of months to start with to see how it goes, and reevaluate from there
  • One set email to send weekly Hit's and Misses for everyones tallies on their workouts. That way we can keep track of who's missed the least for the add it up party so we don't have to count tooooo much change ;)
  • If you can't make it to the add it up party you can mail/deliver a check and we'll get it cashed and added in.
  • If you aren't going to be honest about what you've missed, don't sign up.
  • Don't agree to work out more days than you really can so you don't get in over your head
  • If you miss a day can you make it up later in that same week??? (example: your workout plan is mon, wed, thurs for 25 min but you missed mon, can you make it up on friday or saturday???) {this is in question form so it can be decided on by the majority vote}
  • Get spouses involved- the more support the better we'll ALL do!
  • Anyone else that has specialties to donate when we all make it a month of no misses should feel free to add to the prize pot.

The real goal here is to make people accountable for more than just "missing a workout" Those of us that would like to get in shape need a little support to do so, and I don't think it just belongs to super obese people that make it onto the biggest loser. So lets make this group happen.


sweets said...

this sounds like a great idea if only i could really work out right now.

princess jen said...

You've got some great resolutions on your sidebar!! I want to do your exercise pact. It might be a little tricky for me though so maybe I'll just have to participate in spirit for now. My goal is to exercise 4 days a week for 60 minutes each time. This was totally doable when I was a SAHM but now that I have to get a "real job" it will be a bit trickier to make it work. I might have to actually sacrifice and go work out at 5:30am... yikes! Miss you!

Stacie Rowley said...

I like the rules! I have some jars we can use if needs. We should have a kick off party as well, this should be where we fill out the what days we have to work out. We should also assign a buddy type person that can call and see how its going that week, if they need someone to push them and what not. I have a ton more ideas. We will talk later.

Gayle Dias said...

Count me in :)
4 days a week for 1hr each time

Mom said...


You are the best blogger! I love to read your site. I wish I could do it every day.

I want to do the exercise thingy. let me think what my committment can be. I want to shoot for 4 days per week at 30 minutes each.

(that's tricky texting talk that means "talk to ya later"....I think.)

Love, Mom

Tina said...

Oooh... Not sure I do want to join your pact Amanda! I might be POOR!! LOL. Besides everyone else is saying 4 days for a whole hour! My goal was going to be 3 days for 15 minutes! ROTFL! Have to think on this one... would love to come to the kick off party though!

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