Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My sweet Gabe. I love my Gabe. He's a laugh a minute. And usually surprising me just as often when he lets us see little glimpses of just how smart he is. He doesn't talk much. well...let me rephrase- doesn't talk in English much. He definitely talks- it isn't just always English. He's very very musical. He copies tones he hears in phrases and repeats those tones when he wants to use that same phrase. One of his big ones he likes is saying "Don't Touch" and shaking his fist at you or pointing angrily at you. He also does some great baby cussing...shouts complete non-sense but you know he's trying to swear at you ha ha.

The reason for this post, however, is his latest completely shocking progression. Yesterday while cleaning up from our California trip I heard Gabe go into the bathroom and move the toilet seat.(Oh no.) I rush in there but while I'm turning the corner I hear him moving corban's bathroom stool. He had lifted the toilet seat (both the lid and seat) and moved the stool up in front of the toilet like corban does when he needs to pee. Gabe was trying to climb up onto the stool to stand in front of the toilet. HE WAS TRYING TO PEE IN THE TOILET! let me remind you that boys are usually potty train around 3 yrs old. Corban was younger because he saw his cousin go standing up and wanted to do it that way too. Gabe is 16 months old. I thought maybe this was just a one time thing but later in the evening we went up to my folks house to celebrate fathers day with my dad since we were out of town and he did it again!!! oh man. now if he just figures out what it feels like when he needs to pee....we'll be in business. well- he'll be in business. who knows- maybe potty training this little guy will be easy. **thinking positively**


The Little Mrs said...

Not all boys are potty trained around 3 yrs. Matt was potty trained at 18 months. So maybe this is a really good thing!!

Tina said...

Holey crud! good luck! I hope it sticks!! (and not to your walls... hehe)

The Larsens