Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So here's the change we knew was coming: Jack was laid off on friday. We feel really good about it- we know we'll be okay, we aren't really worrying. I just wish I had some idea of when we'll be okay- I don't even have to know HOW we'll be okay, just that we'll be okay by....(insert month, day, and year).
Any who. enough about that. On to more depressing topics of the day. TV is horrendous. I really really despise it these days. Unless it's pbs kids go. Then it's okay. But the rest of it is horrible. At least it seems to be. There are families on the news that lost their children to freak pest control substance leaks, people killing each other because they're angry, hurt, intoxicated, or just because. There are tv shows that are made to mirror the news by reinacting these horrific events and they call it ENTERTAINMENT! Why on earth would people be okay with considering that entertainment? I'm so totally bummed out when I get 10 minutes to sit down and veg out that I can't just turn on the tv to find something good. Like really Good. Something that uplifts, something that makes you feel like a better person for having watched it. Several months ago (probably close to a year) Michael J Fox did a special called Adventures of an Incurable Optimist. It was wonderful. Uplifting. Talking about seeing the world optimistically. Shows like this need more attention- more hype. Shows like Extreme Home Makeover -where you aren't allowed to watch a full episode without watery eyes- need some lovin. I'm sick of the crap that they consider prime time tv. If that time slot is prime why the freak do they air CRAP-OLLA??? I think I'm so frustrated about this tonight because jack's at ward b-ball practice and the kids are finally down for *hopefully* the whole night and I have nothing but crap crap crap to watch. I suppose I could pick up one of the books I'm reading but jack and I were reading until just a few minutes before he left and I just need some num out time you know??? ahhhhhh. vent over. it's safe to come out now.
and ps can I just say what a wonderful family I have??? I know you might all vomit from hearing how wonderful they all are but they really truly are. Take this for instance: I was supposed to head down to orem to pick up some Rx from my dr, and my sweet grandma H. was willing to pick it up for me so that I wouldn't have to drive down twice this week. And jack helped me and corban work on making valentines today. What can I say? really the best ever. no joke.


Holli said...

Oh my dear Amanda, I am so sorry Jack was laid off. I know that in the end it will be good since his job created a lot of stress, but it is still hard. I love how optimistic and positive you are- I try really hard to be that way but sometimes it just doesn't happen. And I totally agree with you about TV. I can barely watch the news anymore because it is so depressing. I guess ignorance is bliss. I live off TLC and Food Network. It's hard to find crap when it's all food!:)

sweets said...

Im sorry to hear about the job, you are in our prays. on a sid note Tv crap is why we dont have it. Its so nice. any way we love ya and hope things work out soon. like you toled me on facebook just breath.

Lisel said...

I am so sorry! I'm sure everything will be fine like you said, but it doesn't make it less stressful in the mean time! You guys will be in our prayers. TV is definitely crap. Especially prime time. I think it's just another way the adversary is attacking people and making things that aren't, seem normal and acceptable. Not to even mention how TV portrays family. Nothing sacred about marriage or family there. Sad.

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