Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy *late* easter post.

This is how I know my hubby loves me. This is my easter "basket" that he constructed for me.

Yes- those are boxes of peeps my friends.
The base of the basket was a box of graham crackers. Why you ask is there graham crackers and chocolate chips??? Indoor smores of corse. duh.
Here's the construction process: First cover a baking sheet with foil- easy clean up. Turn on your oven to about 300.
  • One graham cracker half (or you can use saltines- which are VERY NICE as well)
  • Several chocolate chips (about 10 or so to get a good chocolatey base)
  • One peep

Bake at 300 for about 5 min. {keep a close eye because if the peep expands too much it will fall over sideways and that's a hot sticky mess to fix.} if you want them to bake longer so you can clean up dinner while they're baking turn the oven down to 250- if you want them done asap turn it up. it's not rocket science but it's a really yummy snack. enjoy your toasty peeps. yum yum.

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