Friday, April 30, 2010

No Holds Pine Wood Derby

So we had a Ward No Holds Pine Wood Derby! It was such a hoot! I loved seeing all the different cars and who was serious about it and who let there kids do most of the work :). I loved it. Anyway I thought I should show off the cars for our family!

Gabe & I's Lugger. Gabe helped by laughing when I'd do something wrong or silly.
Gabe and I's Lugger took SECOND place to Gillian's 3 Master Pieces. She's definitely got the skillz for pine wood derby races! I was totally flattered to come in just behind Gillian. *hat's off to you girl!*

Here's Corban's Skate Board. We let him pick out some super hero stickers to put on it. (they were even holographic). He very specifically wanted the Iron Man sticker to be right in the middle of the car but off to the side...very artistic.
He insisted that the bottom of his skate board needed to be green. Even though it was mostly covered with weights. He picked out the spray paint for it.

Jack's lovely Mormon mini van. (it's actually a a cement brick that he hammered into pieces and taped the outside together) Unfortunately his car was not able to participate fully. A child dropped his car right before the actual races and busted off the wheels in such a way that it couldn't be repaired. Although- his car DID smoke mine & Gabe's in a test run before everyone was there that evening, so perhaps he could have put up a fight against Gillian's speeding bullets.

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